One of Today’s Best Rolling Papers – Shine 24K Gold

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Shine 24K gold rolling papers

With several States legalizing Marijuana now there has been a big increase in how people smoke. One of the most popular ways still is the old fashioned joint and with this method you need some rolling papers.

It’s become a fashion statement today to have your own special rolling paper brand that is unique to you. When you spark one up these rolling papers will be sure to spark a conversation as well.

Here is a one of the best on the market today.

Shine 24K gold rolling papers

Get your Goldschlager out and give it a shake. Notice all those gold pieces floating around? Now get out your rolling papers and add some gold bling to your blunt. Shine 24K gold rolling papers are one of the most sophisticated rolling papers on the market today. You better let someone good at rolling a joint handle these because they’ll run you $55 for just twelve of them. You can get a smaller version of just two papers for a$20 price tag.

Shine 24K gold rolling papers are a sure hit while being passed around. They also offer pre-rolled gold cones to make your smoking experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. These papers burn slower and longer letting you devote all of your attention to each golden hit.


Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars