Our Short List of Cigar Friendly Cruise Lines for your Inner Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Friendly Cruise Lines

Let us be the first to tell you – if you’re considering a taking your significant other on a long cruise be sure to bring your cigars along for the trip. More and more cruise lines are setting up cigar bars and lounges for cigar aficionados.

Let’s start with the granddaddy of all cruise lines: Norwegian Cruise Line provides cushy smoking retreats for all comers and cigars sold by the stick from makers including Davidoff, Gurkha, Cohiba and Fuente, as well as some selections by the box or bundle.

And, you’ll find cigar lounges on al of their ships with exotic names like: The Smoking Lounge, The Humidor Cigar Lounge and the Cigar Corona Club – your guaranteed a cigar friendly cruise on most of their ships. Unlike some of their competitors, their ships are designed to accommodate cigar smokers of all sizes and types. #stickfriendly

Princess Cruises has been around for a long/long time – although not as cigar friendly as Norwegian they do have Churchill cigar lounges on most of their ships. These are characterized with a slightly masculine décor, cozy, onboard humidors and you can typically find these “conveniently located” adjoining their casinos.

Apparently they think all gamblers are cigar aficionados and you’ll find Churchill’s likeness glowering at you with a cigar clenched in his teeth in most cigar lounges.

Crystal Cruises is not as well known as some of their competitors and they pride themselves in providing a luxury cruise experience for the discerning consumer who wants to be pampered, with the best in accommodations and a tip of the had to cigar smokers.

Each ship has a well-appointed, luxurious refined lounge for cigar lovers who are seeking long drawn out conversations. Most lounge features a selection of Cuban Cohiba and Montecristo cigars and about 20-30 other types of premier cigars and complementary beverages including Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, a great selection of port wines and even limited edition craftsman beers.

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager and Freedom class ships cater to cigar aficionados of all types, providing the latest in luxurious amenities in each of its Connoisseur Clubs onboard each ship, with an emphasis on education, providing detailed information on the menus on 20-30 top tier cigar brands including Rocky Patel, Fuente, Montecristo and Davidoff.

And, you can expect a great selection of liqueurs and cognac, single barrel bourbons and even limited edition Scotch and Port wines. If you are selecting a cruise ship or line based on how they cater to premium cigar smokers you can’t go wrong selecting Royal Caribbean.

Cigar Aficianados Love Cruise Lines

Silversea Ships let cigar smokers light up in their Connoisseur’s Corner, an intimate lounge with a good selection of cigars and fine cognacs. Their facilities are not quite as sophisticated, as some of their bigger competitors; but, their intent is to provide facilities that will make you feel welcome and in an environment that’s comfortable and accommodating.

In summary a word about the acceptance of cigar smoking on cruise ships. Each cruise line has their own policies and procedures relating to where and how you can smoke your favorite cigar.

But, in general, as you would think, let common sense be your guide – in most cases you’ll find it’s cool to like up a cigar as long as you are outside on the ship in an area where you are not in close proximity to others.