Pairing a cigar with a good drink

2039-07-e1313428571119.jpgPairing up cigars with drinks is in many ways similar to pairing food and drinks. While both of them are extremely versatile in this matter, some choices work out better than others. Still, finding the right match is no easy task. Truth be told, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind before you take out your cigar and pair it up with a drink. You should ask yourself: Is this combination do-able? Are there other, better alternatives? Soon after posing such questions you will realize that there is a limited amount of beverages that go well with cigars, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Take coffee for instance. Everyone who h as ever been a smoker or who still is can attest to this fact: coffee goes wonderfully well with cigars – regardless of its potency. Naturally you can spice things up by adding some liquor to the mix, like Bailey’s. This will erase the need for extra sugar thanks to its sweetness. Oftentimes, the sweet aromas of liqueur and coffee will balance the flavors of your cigar, making it a great experience.

Furthermore, wine can be paired with cigars as well. However, you will come to realize that red wines are much more friendly to smoke that white ones. This happens because white wines are usually too sweet or dry, though you should still try this combination as some people prefer it to the latter.

An ideal red wine that you might wish to consider enjoying with your smoke is Porto, a fortified wine. Being mixed with brandy, this wine will complement the wonderful flavors of your cigar. Another highly popular choice for pairing up with a cigar is Scotch. A good thing to keep in mind is that the better the Scotch is, the better it will pair up with your cigar. If you really want to experience an unforgettable mix, opt for single-malt scotch.

If you happen to be among those who are yet to develop a taste for scotch, then you should consider replacing it with a good-old Martini. Thanks to its high alcohol content, vermouth is one of the most inspired choices that will complement a full-bodied cigar. Moreover, with such a wide range of Martini cocktail recipes you will always come across new flavors to enjoy with your cigar.

In the end, if you prefer beer, you will learn that there are quite a few options available here. India pale ale is generally the only one that goes well with a cigar. Still, stout can be a pleasant choice depending on the type you choose. Bitter beers, for example, are a more inspired choice as they bring out the flavors in your cigar.

Pairing Cigars with alcohol