Pipe Tobacco Smokers LIfestyle Issues

Your are a RYO smoker who is living large by selecting pipe tobacco of your choosing and firing up when you get the urge. It’s all good and if you want to leverage your pipe tobacco expenditures here are some tips gleaned from years of experience.?

In this smartphone drenched world we all live in customizing your pipe tobacco is pretty easy to do. For a quick overview just watch our embedded video below. But, if you don’t have time to watch it here is all you need to know about making your own custom pipe tobacco blend at home.?

  • Always start small when blending pipe tobacco with 3-5% at a time and use the tobacco your taste buds are familiar with as the based component and expect some trial and error in the process; hence, the recommendation to start with a small amount and build from there.
  • Each ingredient can drastically change the taste of the pipe tobacco, the taste, aroma, burning qualities and the “notes” left hanging in the room where you are smoking.
  • You don’t need exoctic materials to mix up your own blend at home: a plastic container and recognizing you just need to distill your tobacco for 24 hours for the primary flavoring and then let the container sit out in the air for an hour or two and you are good to go.?
  • Flavoring agents: whatever you have hanging out in the liquor cabinet that may suit your fancy and you are good to go. Just go easy on the flavoring; a few drops or two will do.?


Embrace RYO Pipe Tobacco and Toss the Corporate Products

You are no longer chained to the corporate cigarette tobacco manufacturers. You can now save a ton of money living that wild and free RYO lifestyle and buying in bulk and then doctoring up your own blend at home like your local moonshiner down the road (or not).

And, if you don’t want to take the time to mix you own blend at home we sell 30-50 brands of pipe tobacco that come in every flavor that may make your taste buds sit up and take notice: chocolate, vanilla, peach, strawberry, blueberry, menthol (light or heavy), cherry vanilla, whiskey, etc.?

Check out our pipe tobacco section for links to just about every brand of pipe tobacco in the world. BTW, our prices can’t be beat and if you see something you want that’s not on sale just let us know!?

Restoring that Dried Out Bag of Tobacco: How To!

Restoring your pipe tobacco is not as hard as you would think and if your tobacco is not rolling right in the machine, burning hot and/or just has flavor drop off you should try to revive it. Don’t toss your tobacco, just watch our 60 second video below. #lifeisgood


How to Select Pipe Tobacco that’s Going to Taste Great

Most popular blends of pipe tobacco are made with English, Virginia and Aromatic blends.Whether you pick a classic English or American blend almost 100% of them are made using some sort of Virginia tobacco in the blend.That’s a good thing though, as Virginia tobacco is some of the best in the world with a slightly sweet taste.

English blends vary tremendously, mostly due to the whims of the manufacturer and/or their interest in creating a specific flavor – many use an Oriental or Turkish tobaccos, these are small leaf tobaccos and they pack a bigger taste punch than other blends.

  • Oriental tobaccos are highly regarded for their big flavor and aromatic quality. Virginia tobaccos are typically blended as the base for oriental English blends, with a number of exoctic flavoring agents or tobacco added, depending on the whims of the manufacturer.
  • Classic American blends again use Virginia tobacco (it’s sweet tasting which appeals to many) and they are made with burley, which gives the pipe tobacco a bit of a nutty taste and the nicotine content is usually higher.
  • Aromatic blends (while we are talking about pipe tobacco selection) will be varied like an English blend, infused with any number of exoctic flavors: cherry, vanilla, chocolate and even caramel. An aromatic blend of pipe tobacco is by its very nature going to be something you want to think about carefully and/or by a small amount. The taste will vary tremendously; so experiment carefully – buying a 5lb bag is not going to be a good idea.
  • Every pipe tobacco manufacturer has some subtle tastes that are unique to their tobacco and if you want to experiment we sell a number of tobacco samplers here on the site in 2-3oz (or less) pouches.?

The pipe tobacco market is moving as fast as a freight train with no limits on the track or faster than a millennial uploading their latest Nordstrom’s Rack Purchase to Instagram. If you have questions about pipe tobacco, cigars or any of the thousands of products we sell please call us.