Punch Punch Cigars Punch and Judy Show

Did you know that one of Cubas most treasured cigars began with a puppet comedy show in the mid 1800s? Don Manuel Lopez of Juan Valle Company sought to benefit on the booming British cigar market by naming his cigar after Mr. Punch the famous puppet of Punch and Judy fame.

Today there is one Habanos cigar company that has been around a long time and remains a sought after brand with exceptional exuberance.

IfPunch cigarshas a flagship brand its the Punch Punch and like New York its so good they named it twice. It has a 46 ring gauge and is 5.62 inches long. It has a wonderful spicy aroma with a profile of leather, brown sugar and coffee. If that wasnt enough there are hints of cocoa powder and a strong standout note of toffee.

This is a strong cigar that boasts always having a great draw and is perfect during the afternoon or as an after dinner evening smoke.

In the most simplistic way this is a cigar lovers cigar and one of the reasons its hard to find even in Havana. This signature Habano is a must have, so get ready to add to your humidor.

Greg Elam – GetSpecific
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars