Put Some Cigar Bling In Your Humidor with these Great Premium Cigars

Your humidor is at an all time low and you’re wondering what premium cigar should try out next. Well, you have come to the right place. Check our recommendations for living large with a premium stick (cigar) in hand.?

Let’s start with a premium cigar that’s an standby smoke for an any cigar aficionado who knows their way around a humidor: The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor.?

You are getting a serious stick that smokes great, with a good draw, an even burn and a premium tobacco taste that will leave you satisfied every time. And, the taste won’t blow you out of the water as soon as you fire a Rocky Patel Edge up, it’s going to build over time like a great cigar should.

  • The Rocky Patel Edge really shows off the skills of Patel’s chief “cigarologist” Nestor Plasencia. It’s a full flavored complex tasting cigar, comes in two premium wrappers: the spicy Corojo leaf or the “over the top” rich maduro that’s as dark and oily as the bottom of an oil rig 1K feet down. Not for the fainthearted.
  • Still got questions about Rocky Patel cigars? Then check out the reviews on our site and if you still have questions call us.?

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Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco that delivers nothing but great flavor, using classic traditional “Cuban methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the day in Cuba. It’s a mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine. But, like everything in life, everything is subject to individual tastes.

  • The Alec Bradley American Classic is a well made cigar, using a gorgeous tasting Connecticut seed Honduran wrapper. It’s priced aggressively too but there is not drop off in quality for this cigar vs. much more expensive sticks in the $200 range (per box). Provides a complex taste with notes of coffee, nuts and a slight woodsy after taste that lets you know this baby is well made.
  • We have been selling Alec Bradley cigars since we opened our “virtual doors” ten years ago and we highly recommend these great tasting sticks.

cigar smokers haven at the beach

You just signed up with your bae for a NetJets trip to Hawaii and you want both want something to smoke on the way over – go large and impress her with a King of Denmark Cigar.? These are a custom made cigar and BTW the company only makes about thirty of these quality sticks per day; so, if you are interested place your order sooner than later.

  • You want some real cigar bling? Then the King of Denmark is your go to cigar. You can get them made with Swarovski crystals and the standard cigar comes wrapped in gold foil with your name on it. But, like everything one of a kind in life, the personal branded high end stick will set you back $4,500. But: #YOLO right?

Some background issues on what you need to know when you are selecting a premium cigar:?

  1. Think cigar wrapper first, a well made wrapper will tell you a lot about a cigar and wrapper has a significant impact on the taste as you smoke a stick.?
  2. A “standard” cigar is nothing more than a cylinder of tobacco encased in a wrapper. If your wrapper is not good quality the smoking experience will suffer accordingly.
  3. Once you understand the ratio of the wrapper to “filler tobacco” you will be able to compare and contrast the type of tobacco used in the filler (it’s provenance if you will), the different lengths and ring gauge.
  4. The length of the cigar has a huge impact on the wrapper vs filler ratios; bigger cigars will have more volume of filler tobacco and a larger wrapper. These will always be proportional to each other.
  5. You want a cigar that has has a filler that is well matched to the binder: the filler and binders should be from the same seed variety and even foliage level. If these are well matched, you will have a pleasant tasting cigar.
  6. BTW a darker wrapper does not mean a stronger tasting cigar; this is really an urban legend that is all wrong. Taste test a Maduro cigar as an example – it produces a mild smoke, not a knock your socks of taste by any means. The dark wrapper does not give you a strong overpowering taste; on the contrary, this well made wrapper will give you a great smoking experience every time.?

Some entertaining thoughts on how to live Large with a Cigar

Thank your for stopping by and we hope this post about great premium cigars is helpful. If you have questions about any of the cigar brands we carry here at Windy City Cigars please reach out. We have built our business the last ten years one customer at a time and pride ourselves on excellence in customer service.