Rating a Cigar

Just like fine wine and fine piece of artwork, hand-rolled cigars created and grown by an expert is one of the most superb things in life. So what is it that makes cigars great? The following are some tips to follow to enjoy a skilfully created cigar:

1.   While opting for a cigar, perceive the feel of the cigar in the fingertips. Is it Dry, Spongy, or Tarnished? Or do feel it is weighty, being firm all over, or beautiful, unblemished leaf without any evident veins and moist? Then, this is the right cigar that can be smoked.

2.   Begin by snipping your cigar about half an inch from the tip. This will give you the perfect draw. A cigar punch will furnish a hole from where you can draw smoke, however it is will possibly be hot and concentrated. Therefore it is advisable to clip the cigar for open draw.

3.   Illuminating a cigar like the Gurkha Cigars is a skill in itself. It might look like awkward, but the advantages are rewarding. After you clip your cigar, preferably utilize Spanish cedar strip (this comes along with a lot of cigars), ignite the strip and heat up the cigar’s end. And when the flame burns the tobacco, it will start to emit smoke. Draw the flame apart, blow on the burned end where you are attempting to light the tobacco. Repeat this over and over again (but do not touch the cigar’s flame) till the tip is illuminating red.

4.   Immediately after the tip is shining red, wait for at least half a minute so that the cigar can be smoked.

5.   Puff the cigar lightly, allowing the smoke you are drawing through the stick to get out from mouth. By this time you will start to taste the pleasantness of the tobacco blend, the wrapper, the binder and the leaf.

6.   Start puffing your cigar one or two times after every one minute. You will notice some things that is a mark of a fantastic cigar like mists of creamy smoke. Allow the smoke to remain in the mouth before you puff it out. Figure out different flavors of the cigar while feeling it in your tongue. You will discover different flavors in your taste buds like coffee, fruit, Hickory, Oak etc. When you draw the smoke, also breathe in lightly through the nose.

7.   Check if your cigar is burning consistently. Turn the cigar continuously so that it burns evenly. The burn has to be steady and even, without scores of burning coals becoming greater on the side. Idyllically, the burn will be constant, controllable and constant while smoking.

8.   Do not expect a cigar to taste great after the mid-point. But if it does, then Superb! Then smoke the cigar to the core.

9.   After buying a cigar or Romeo Y Julieta Cigar Sampler from a tobacco store onlineand experienced your smoke, then you should be jotting down jots in a cigar diary. Maintain this diary and write your cigar experiences and information in it like the Cigar Company, size, ring gauge, length, filler and binder. After finding out which cigar you prefer, you can buy cigars in bulk and you can get cigars boxes sale from online cigar stores.

Smoking cigar Tips