Rocky Patel Cigars – Vicki Manry – Cigar Hottie

Meet Vicki Manry a 33 year old cigar hottie from Mount Vernon, Washington. She loves to smoke cigars and ride her Harley Davidson low rider and considers herself a mild to wild women who loves every minute of life.

“I’m definitely a mix of every personality from biker to business, country to city and sexy to mellow, and I enjoy all of it,” expressed Vicki.

Vicki started smoking premium cigars over the past two years, but almost never started at all due to a child hood mishap as a teenager.

“I had a terrible experience with inhaling a premium cigar in my teen years and was scarred. Gladly not scarred for life because I have always loved the smell of cigars and now I love to smoke them,” explained Vicki. “Two years ago, Tim (my husband) taught me for the first time how to smoke a cigar. He picked out a Connecticut wrapped light blend, showed me how to cut and light it properly, and I was hooked. One of the best days of my life.”

Vicki and her husband Tim both have a deep passion for cigars and together actually work for Rocky Patel cigars and are well known in the cigar community.

This cigar Hottie doesn’t have a specific favorite cigar but does love to puff on the Rocky Patel premium cigar line. She prefers a Churhill or Toro Vitola in the Connecticut wrapper.

“While I prefer Connecticut wrappers I do enjoy medium blends and rich blends from time to time,” Vicki revealed. “I’ve never had a flavored cigar that I liked so you’ll probably never catch me with one. I’d say Churchill and Toro sizes are my favorites, though I’ll smoke a 60 ring and give guys and gals, a wink or two.”

Vicki has a smoking hot body and a gorgeous smile that invites a certain sex appeal to the cigar industry.

“There seems to a shortage of hot women smoking cigars. When Tim and I go to events we usually gain attention since I am a hot blonde and he is tall sexy and muscular,” Vicki boasted. “We have actually gotten pretty well known in the cigar community because of our looks and fun easygoing attitude, plus we know just about everyone.”

She went on to say, “I think that’s the trick to being considered sexy with a cigar – attitude. Who expects to see a sexy woman enjoying stick after stick while her ass and tits are barely covered (sometimes popping out) and she’s laughing, smiling and having a great time?”

“My favorite cigar lounges are Burn by Rocky Patel in Naples, FL, Maxis in Long Island, NY, Havana Mix in Memphis, TN and Legends of Fire in Spokane WA. All of these lounges have great a atmosphere, amazing people and a wonderful cigar selection.”

Greg Elam –
Content Writer – Windy City Cigars