Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide on Smoking Papers

Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide on Smoking Papers

The present-day smoker is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a smoking paper. They also have many weed strains from which they can pick what they want. Let’s first look at the history of rolling papers.

History of Rolling Papers


Legend has it that when Christopher Columbus returned to Spain with a lot of stories and tobacco. Many Spanish aristocrats started using tobacco cigars, and peasants would take the remnants, wrap them in a newspaper and attempt to smoke.

Because newspaper was not good on their health, rolling papers had to be invented. When cigarette taxes rose, rolling paper became popular across Europe and North America because people wanted to savor their tobacco while avoiding the taxes.

How To Roll a Joint

Different people may have their own way of rolling a joint. We give you a simple step-by-step guide to rolling a perfect joint.

  • Start with the Filter

The purpose of the filter (also known as roach) is not to filter smoke. It helps to keep smoke flowing smoothly. It also aids in preventing you from sustaining lip burns from the last puff. You do not need to worry about the material to use because you can use a business card. They often produce the best roaches.

  • Lay Out the Rolling Paper

As you place your rolling paper on the table, ensure that the side with the glue faces up. The side with the glue strip needs to be furthest away from you. If you place the glue strip at your near side, things will become problematic in the end.


Rolling Papers

Bugler Rolling Papers


Kashmir Rolling Paper

Kashmir Bamboo King Slim Papers

  • Add the Weed on the Paper

Take your weed strain and crush it up. Sprinkle the weed on the paper, lengthwise. Ensure that you leave some space on the edges. The room you preserve will make rolling easier.

  • Roll it

When rolling, start by taking the side without glue (it is the side that is closest to you). You will fold it a bit over the bud and start rolling to let everything form a tube. Rolling away from your body is easier and helps you to be fast at it.

  • Close it and Twist

Once you complete rolling and are satisfied with the tube formed, lick the glue strip and gently press it against the rolling paper. Take the side without the filter and twist it to ensure that all th marijuana stays inside.

  • You can light it up and enjoy or wait for the appropriate time.

Your Perfect Rolling Paper

Generally, the marijuana community so diverse, and users tend to have their ideal brands. Everyone considers various factors before picking their rolling paper, and each factor creates a different smoking experience.

Some of the popularly known brands include Rizla, RAW, Zig Zag, and OCB. There are also many other lesser-known brands.

Rolling is an art, which at times, becomes therapeutic. Whether you do it on medical grounds or for some other purposes, rolling that fat joint leaves you happy.