Selecting and Rolling that Perfect Blunt for your Bae

It was a long hard slog of a day and your looking for some refreshment. Something, easy on the taste buds, light on the pocketbook and you don’t want to fire up the bong or pipe. It’s blunt time.

You want to be a bit surreptitious, maybe try a different blend or two that might impart a little flavor to your smok. Blunts, wraps or cigarillos will all fill the need. Some things you need to know to make an informed decision about what type of materials to use for a blunt or wrap.

Remember when you use a blunt, wrap or cigarillo your making a conscious decision to do some minor surgery: selecting the right size of cigar, gutting that baby and inserting your materials and re-wrapping it for that ultimate smoking experience.

Oh, and a word about taste and experience: pair the right product (texture) with the right blunt. Great materials and a crappy cigar wrapper never end well unless you are in a bind and you gotta go with convenience not quality. Be forewarned. 

gal smoking a good sized blunt

Blunt selection starts with taste experience preferences, convenience and whether or not you don’t mind some tobacco smoke mingled in with your materials. Swisher Sweets have been a standby product for DIY smoking since Jerry Garcia started embracing the bud as a lifestyle mainstay. 

  • The Swisher Sweet cigarillo is always on an weed consumers list for good reason, they are readily available, low cost and high value and if you have an urge for something flavorful you can’t go wrong with blueberry, strawberry or even a White Grape Swisher sweet for those of your craving something more exoctic. 
  • These babies have been used as multiple purpose cigars sent the late 1800’s and a pack of five is low cost and will hold up for a long week-end if need be. 

It’s Friday night and your hanging out solo and you want to fire a quick smoke with minimal hassle. Reach for the White Owl Cigarillo – it’s economical in size, suitable for a solo smoke, has lots of flavor options: i.e. pineapple, white grape, blueberry and for those craving extra sweetness think about strawberry. 

  • And guys take note, nothing wrong with working in a little peach flavor, especially if you get a surprise visit from your bae. You are showing that sensitive side and a reward could be in the offing later.

Think of Dutch Masters as a multi purpose smoke: it’s a great cigar and if you are using it for blunt or cigarillo rolling you can create a bomb that’s going to make it around the room multiple times. 

  • Some think of these as an “old folks” smoke; but we do not. If you don’t want a strong smoking cigar then opt for the milder versions of the Dutch Masters and go with the Dutch Masters Corona Sports or the always tasty Palma, which has a nice vanilla taste sure to please your milder side. 
  • You can do major surgery on these beauties and they will hold up to “after market construction,” mix in a large amount of weed with the filler and you’ve got flavorful experience coming your way that’s going to create a major buzz.

a huge blunt and a party underway

You want a rustic, rough around the edges look then reach for a Backwoods Cigarillo. It’s got a slightly conical shape which lets you pack in more weed and unfinished heads and the flavor is strong but not harsh, giving you a smoking experience that’s gonna mix the best of both worlds. 

  • Like flavor then the Backwoods blunt is a great choice and you can pack some real flavor into these including: vanilla, grape, honey, wild run, banna nut and even black n’ sweet for those seeking a unique taste for your next Kush party. 

Our short list of how to roll a great blunt that’s guaranteed to give you a good smoking experience every time: 

  • Prep the weed properly for a great smoke; if you have a grinder use it to grind the weed into small pieces. If you have to tough it out with no grinder then use your fingertips to break the weed into smaller pieces so it’s easy to roll. 
  • Place the cigar on a stable surface (no, not your knees ever) and make a cut down the length of the cigar, letting you empty the core of the cigar into a trash can. 
  • Don’t rip into this part of the process or your going to ruin the cigar and it will not work as a wrapper. Always start at the top and use your thumbs to begin the tear and carefully work your way down to the bottom of the cigar. 
  • If you have a tear or two then lick the blunt to seal the edges again. 
  • Place your weed into the blunt and again make sure it’s been properly ground into smaller pieces or it’s not going to burn properly. 
  • Shape your blunt by folding and rolling it upward around your weed and then tuck the wrap around week to ensure you got a tight fit and it’s gonna smoke well. 
  • Lick the edges of the blunt and press down carefully to secure the shape and then spin or rotate it in your hand and carefully hold a zippo lighter below it to dry the wrap and when you light it rotate the blunt around the flame just as you would a cigarillo or cigar. 

Okay you are now ready for life on the edge, getting your buzz on at home or on the road….. Again, whatever term you prefer: blunt, wrap or cigarillo they will all function as product delivery vehicles for the connoisseur who wants to craft his or her own DIY blunt using their hands. #FWP