Seven Must Have Great Cigars for Your Humidor

Trying to pick ten great cigars in a world of unlimited choices is challenging. But, based on our ten plus years of experience in the cigar industry here goes our pick ten great cigars you want to make sure are always available in your humidor. 

Lets start with a classic Cuban cigar that makes everyone’s best list: The Bolivar Belicoso Finos. If you are just getting started smoking cigars this is not the right choice. It’s a full bodied cigar, one of the strongest Cuban made cigars in the world. Founded by Jose F. Rocha in the early 1900’s and registered as a Cuban cigar in 1921 by J.F. Coch y Cia, this wonderful stick is a “bell” which in Spanish denotes its size. 

This baby has a chocolate wrapper, with a somewhat in your face rich taste, with notes of earth and pepper and a slight hint of honey too. If you want a rich tasting cigar you can treasure as you puff away on this beauty the Belicos Finos should be on your humidor short list. 

The Ashton Symmetry is a wonderful cigar, with fine lines and one of the most beautiful cigar bands in the world. It’s a blend of Dominican and Nicaraugan tobacco, with a silky Ecuador Habano wrapper; full bodied taste, but it’s not going to overpower your taste buds. With a hint of leather and figs as you smoke it. 

andy garcia cigar in hand

The Ashton label was started by the Levin family who purchased the Holt’s tobacconists in the mid 1900’s, Robert Levin relaunched the family business more aggressively in 1968, nurturing and building the Ashton brand into one of the most prestigious in the industry, know for great cigars, blending aged tobacco and sophisticated manufacturing and processing. 

Next up the Avo XO Trio Intermezzo – Avo has its roots in music oddly enough, Avo Uveaian (the founder) started selling cigars as he played piano in Palmas del Mar in 1987. The “Intermezzo” is named after the musical term of course and this cigar has a beautiful symmetrical appearance, a shaped robusto cigar with a bit of a spicy but well balanced taste, with all the characteristics you’d expect with robusto – the length and ring gauge are in perfect harmony and this is spectacular cigar.

This Honduran beauty, the Camancho Triple Maduro owns its heritage to the Camancho family who were one of the first manufacturers in the world to roll three layers of leaf into their cigars. As a result, their cigars are always highly rated, known for the highest quality. They grown their own tobacco and control every finite detail of the manufacturing process – this stick has flavors of coffedd (esperesso if you will), with a hint of toasted nuts and maybe even a bit of mocha, producing a complex taste for those with a very refined palate.

The Cuvee Grand Lancero is named and branded based on the classic French term on wine bottles that define a specific blend of wine. This is a classic cigar reflecting the standard Lancero size and to many cigar aficionados it’s commensurate in taste to the finest Cuban blends. It can be hard to find, typically only found in major metropolitan cities in the U.S. and Europe. The taste is strong and somewhat mysterious, giving you a hint of flavors you aren’t going to easily replicated in other cigars. 

premium cigar being smoked by jack

The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor. It may not sound as exoctic as some of the other premium cigars we have mention in this post, but it’s a great cigar and consistently highly ranked by our customers and cigar reviewers. 

This premium cigar is the product of Rocky Patel’s collaboration with Nestor Plasencia, one of the largest tobacco growers in Central America. The edge is known for its great taste, with an earthy spicy taste, with hints of cedar and spices. It’s a cuban seed cigar, incorporating a Corojo wrapper grown in Honduras – this cigar is not for the average smoker, it is a full bodied cigar that’s going to give you a real blast of taste as you smoke it. Not for the faint of heart BTW. 

Another consistent selling cigar that we love, the elegant in appearance and taste Carlos Torano Exodous Torpedo 1959 is another fine cigar with its roots in Cuba. In the mid 1950’s the Torano family left Cuba (actually in 1959 which this cigar commemorates), now using five unique tobaccos in every cigar with beautiful Brazilian sun grown wrapper. 

Everything about this cigar is elegant: it looks as good as it tastes, its a well packed box-pressed cigar that has some balanced heft in your hand, with a dark chocolate appearance, complemented with a smooth draw and hints of black cherry and a bit of spice. It’s a great cigar; not always easy to find online but well worth your time to track a box of these beauties down.