Silicone Smoking Water Pipes & Bongs

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SILICONE smoking Water PIPES

Are you looking to enhance your lifestyle as a smoker? Investing in silicone smoking water pipe is a major step towards making your life as a smoker great. Not only is silicone water pipe great, it is a way to make a statement about your personality and sense of style.

Silicone Pipes & Water Bongs

Looking at the gorgeous glass water pipes, you can’t but admire the classicism and ingenuity of the design because they are almost perfect. But that faithful moment when the glass drops and scattered makes people think otherwise most time. Thankfully, the inventor also noticed the ease at which the glass breaks when it drops and decided to fix it.

If you are not familiar with or have not seen silicone water pipe but have seen glass pipes or use one, silicone water pipes are just like the glass pipes. These pipes are designed in neon and colorful psychedelic swirls. In fact, you can customize it if you want. Silicone smoking water pipes are the best alternative to the glass pipes and if you are looking for quality, easy to clean and durable pipe, silicone pipes remain the best.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer described as the hybrid between plastic and rubber used to make different items like utensils and cookware, food containers, baking pans and ice cube molds. The quality of silicone resins depends mainly on the purification level, which is why you need to choose the best.

Benefits of silicone water pipes

You must now be wondering why silicone water pipes are so important. Well here is what you get when you buy a quality silicone smoking water pipe:

#1. It is durable

Silicone smoking water pipes are durable and accident-proof. It is heat resistant and easily stuffed into a bag or backpack. You can take it wherever you go, whether music festival, outdoor retreats or camping trips. These pipes are flexible and can bend to fit in different places without you having to worry about breakages and cracks. In fact, you can drop it on the floor without any problem because it is almost 100% unbreakable.

#2. It is easy to clean

If you compare the ease of cleaning glass pipes and silicone pipes, it is clear that silicone smoking water pipes are easier to clean because you can bend them during the cleaning process. When you bend it, you don’t need to worry about it breaking into pieces.

#3. It is more convenient

Silicone pipes are convenient because they are lighter than glass. If you plan to take it along with you to anywhere you go, it is easy because it can bend and it is not weighty as the glass pipe.

#4. It costs less

Silicone pipes are mass produced, so the price is far less than custom glass pipe. So if you are looking for quality water pipe at the most affordable rate, silicone smoking water pipe makes sense. With several benefits it offers, there is no doubt that you are going to get value for your money.

Are silicone smoking water pipes safe?

Silicone pipes are safe only if you buy the original ones. There are several silicone products out there but choosing the non-toxic pipe is important. We will list the best, quality and healthy ones in this article – just read on. There has never been any health hazard associated with the pipes, so you can smoke with it without worrying about health hazards. Although it is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 6000F, it is important not to apply flame directly to it.

What about the quality of the taste?

It doesn’t produce odor and in case it produces an odor, it will be almost unnoticeable. And you can only smell a slight odor in a new one but with use and regular cleaning, it will fade away.

The best silicone water pipes

When it comes to choosing the best and high-quality silicone pipe, you need to choose the healthy pipe. We have selected some of the best silicon water pipes you can find on the market for you. So you can choose the one that fits your style and personality. Here are the best ones:

#1. Silicone hexagon bubbler with nail

Silicone hexagon bubbler with nail provides you the pleasure and makes you stand out among your mates. You can easily separate it, clean it and take it with you to anywhere you are going. It is not only made with healthy and high-quality materials, it is the best and most affordable pipe.

#2. Silicone pipes waxmaid MR Y oil rig 6.5 inch

This pipe is one of the most beautiful pipes that provide you with a great smoking experience. It doesn’t produce odor and you can easily fold it and take it everywhere you go.

#3. Roll-UH-Bowl big rub – folding water pipe kit

This pipe is great because it provides you the best smoking experience. When people see you smoke with it, they will immediately recognize you are not a low-class smoker. So if you want to make a statement, this is the right pipe for you.

#4. Pulsar platinum cured silicone water pipe bong

If you care about quality and durability, Pulsar platinum is a great choice. Its color and style make it unique and you can take it anywhere. It provides you a great smoking experience that you will never forget. It is durable and the perfect pipe for both pro and beginner smokers.

#5. Rasta 2 part silicone water pipe

This pipe offers you the quality other silicone pipes never offer. It is colorful, quality and affordable. So if you are looking for a premium pipe, this is for you.

Bottom line

Not only do you deserve the best, you deserve to make a statement. If you want to make a statement and show your style, silicon smoking water pipes can help. If you are a lover of pipes and are looking for quality and durability, silicone pipes are the best. You can have a great smoking experience today.