Swisher Sweets Flavor Packed, Mild and Made in America BTW

You like sweet mild taste and you don’t want to spend your Saturday night budget on a pack of Cigarillos or Cigars then your good to go with a Swisher Sweet Mini Cigarillo. 

You like blueberry, strawberry, chocolate (yes!!), peach or grape then live large with a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo, Cigar (wood tipped or standard). Sorry, bubblegum or selfie sticks not included with your purchase but we have a ton of Buy One Get One Free Promotions on Swisher Sweets. 

Why Swisher Sweets Rocks our World

  • Aggressively priced but not shortage of flavors and nothing artificial in the tobacco either. 
  • An American made product by the way, no offense meant, but not made in China like just about everything you buy today.
  • Let’s talk bottom line on Swisher Sweets – you can get a 3-4 week’s of supplies with Swisher versus buying more expensive products and BTW you are not sacrificing anything in the taste department. 
  • A Swisher Sweet Mini Cigarillo is mild enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed but have enough taste to let you taste enough flavor to let you know your smoking a stick and not chewing on something you picked up in the local store that has no flavor and worse yet, smells bad enough for your bae to ask you what’s going on: “put that thing out or I’m getting out of the car…..” 
  • Swisher has been making cigars since the late 1800’s; but, this is not an old time brand; it’s hipper than a Tesla on the Freeway and as earlier, Swisher has Min Cigarillo for every taste imaginable.
  • You can get a Swisher Sweet in just about every size, from a mini cigarillo to “super size me” Swisher Sweets Corona “weighing in” at over five inches in length – it’s gonna take a while to work your way through this stick. 

Five Great Tasting Flavor Packed Swisher Sweet Cigars

Take a wild on the wild side with the Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillo: you’ll think you are hanging out in Napa Valley with the wine snobs that wave those pricey Cubans around while they are elbowing each other out of the way in the tasting room Du Jour.

If you just barbecued a steak on the grill with your “posse” try smoking a Swisher Sweets Blueberry Cigarillo – this is not your folks cigar, this upright cigar is made for those who want to break out of the ordinary and get some taste in their mouth as they work through a cigarillo that’s gonna hit your sweet spot. 

Okay, your pulling a pint of Ben and Jerry’s out of the fridge and you want a cigar that’s gonna taste right we’d suggest the Swisher Sweet Peach 69C Upright – your going to get a burst of flavor that’s mild but strong enough to let you know you are smoking a cigarillo with some personality.

You can’t go wrong pulling out a Little Cigar Cherry Filtered Cigar if you want a quick smoke break with a cigar that’s economical and tasty this is you. 

Your pulling out a bottle of port or dessert wine from the cupboard and you want a cigarillo that’s gonna taste great – fire up a Swisher Sweets Cigarillo Chocolate – it’s got enough chocolate flavor to give you a new taste but it’s not going to overwhelm your taste buds. 

That’s our blog post and we are sticking to our recommendations for Swisher Sweets Cigarillos – got questions then reach out to us on Facebook, call or message us on Instagram. We are cigar and cigarillo geeks in every sense of the word and would love to chat with you in real time.