Ten Brand Defining Tobacco Products for RYO Smokers

It’s always a moving target when we try to catch our breath, have a meeting and then talk about tobacco products we want to underscore here on our blog. We carry over 2,500 RYO friendly tobacco products so our choices are many and varied. 

And, we are constantly adding new products into the mix. But, here is a post that will highlight a fine group of RYO tobacco, cigars and great accessories you should put on your short list of new products to try. 

The Rocky Patel Edge Missile is a 5-inch Torpedo shaped cigar with a 48-gauge width. Lets talk about cigar construction: this is the really good ratio of wrapper to filler tobacco in which to bring out the flavor of the fine Maduro wrapper as it’s rich flavors blend with the signature Edge blend of premium filler tobaccos. 

  • The flavor profile is full bodied and starts with an earthy, cedar base that develops into a rich cappuccino and has a good long, peppery finish; truly a unique one of kind smoke. 
  • Rocky Patel’s entire line of cigars are consistently well made, taste great and their prices underscore the overall quality of the products they make versus their competitors. 
  • Your getting a fair price for what you are paying and the quality of the product is much better than most cigars with similar price points. 
  • The Rocky Patel Edge is a great cigar for a discerning cigar smoker that wants a lot of flavor and taste that’s not boring or mainstream. Truly a unique tasting cigar that’s packed with flavor. Grab a box and light one up immediately and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You have literally thousands of choices when you think about purchasing pipe tobacco. D&R tobacco (from the cigar manufacturer with the same name) offers a unique one of kind pipe tobacco that’s sourced from the finest tobacco growers in the U.S. 

This is a high end luxury blend of pipe tobacco for a smoker that wants nothing but smooth taste that’s going to scream high quality as you fire up your electric cigarette machine and roll a batch of this pipe tobacco goodness. It rolls well (moist but not too moist), smokes great with zero aftertaste: your just going to taste great tobacco flavor, nothing more.

  • Check our D&R Tobacco 14oz Windsail Platinum, a high end luxury pipe tobacco made with a traditional sweet smooth flu-cured Virginia tobacco that will just rock your taste world.
  • Every bag of D&R pipe tobacco reflects an attention in detail it’s a top shell pipe tobacco blend, with a great aroma, wonderful appearance, with a satisfying smoke every time that’s frankly much better than many “economically priced” pipe tobacco blends.
  • D&R pipe tobacco comes in a number of of blends: Rowland, Three Sails, Penhooker, Ryland, Rimboche Perique, Penhooker.

If you are looking for an exoctic tasting pipe tobacco than think about our very own brand: OHM Pipe Tobacco 5lb Turkish Yellow -  you are getting a great pipe tobacco blend made with the finest Virginia tobacco.

  • OHM Pipe Tobacco 5lb Turkish Yellow is milder tasting than our Turkish Red pipe tobacco, but with the same consistent tastes and smoking characteristics you would expect in a Turkish blend made with a small leaf sun dried tobacco and a bit of an exotic taste. 
  • All of our OHM Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco is made with great Virginia tobacco leaves sourced from growers we have worked directly with for 10+ years. The taste is rich enough to give you a full flavored experience, but mild enough so you know you’re smoking high quality pipe tobacco.
  • OHM pipe tobacco is manufactured by Windy City Cigars to exacting standards that every RYO cigarette tobacco smoker expects. 
  • Our tobacco is carefully stored and processed in every step of the supply chain and each 5lb bag or pouch is re-sealable ensuring your pipe tobacco will stay fresh for weeks or months if it’s stored in a cool, dry out of the sunlight shelf. 

You are on the road a lot but you want to roll your own tobacco and not by hand. The most economical, functional manual cigarette rolling machine on the market is the Gambler 100mm and King Size Cigarette Injector. 

  • This nifty little cigarette rolling machine is made out of durable plastic and it’s drop dead simple to operate and you’ll be rolling cigarettes effortlessly as soon as you pull this baby out of the box. 

Looking for a great tasting premium cigar that’s got a one of a kind consistent taste then think about purchasing a box of Henry Clay Cigars. The Henry Clay Cigars are named after the well known Senator from Kentucky and long ago were made in Cuba. But manufacturing was shifted to the Dominican Republic after the meltdown in Cuba with America after the Cuban Revolution. 

  • The Henry Clay cigars are blended with rich Dominican Ligero tobacco rolled in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Expect an authentic cigar smoking experience with the Henry Clay brand of cigars.
  • These cigars are full-bodied with a bit of a peppery taste that will resonate with any cigar smoker, especially if you are looking for a strong tasting cigar that makes no bones about being a strong tasting smoke.
  • We always have the full line of Henry Clay Cigars on sale along with 2,500 other tobacco friendly products. 

If you have a house full of cigar smokers or just a house that has a bit of a tobacco smoke you want to get rid of then think about our line of Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the stellar reviews here on our web site from happy customers who love these candles.

  • These are modern odor eliminator candles that get rid of that nagging smoke smell, or musty “who gave the dog a bath” smell that can be associated with a pooch that just got out of the local pond, river or even bath. 
  • We sell smoke odor eliminator candles in just about every flavor you can thank of: Cinnamon Apple, Strawberries, Pear, Orange, Lemon, Rasta Love, Hippie Love, Sandalwood, Flower,l Patchouli, Dragons Blood, Brazilian Coffee, Mulberry Spice, Pumpkin Spice. 

If you are looking for a machine made cigar that’s economical, tastes great and comes in a wide variety of flavors then think about the Al Capone line of machine made cigarillos. These cigarillos are perfect for a smoke when you don’t have time to work your way through a traditional cigar. 

  • These cigarillos come in a wide variety of tastes:  the Al Capone Jamaican Blaze, Al Capone Menthol FT LC, Al Capone Sweet and Al Capone Slim. 
  • These dynamite cigarillos are not as well known as larger more established machine made cigar brands: but they taste great, are made with high quality tobacco and the individual brands are made with organic ingredients that infuse some flavor but not so much that they overwhelm the tobacco taste of the cigarillo.

If you are looking for premium cigars, machine made cigars, roll your own pipe tobacco or smoking accessories you have come to the right place here at Windy City Cigars. 

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