Ten Esssential Products Every Pipe Tobacco Smoker Should Own

Ten years of selling pipe tobacco, cigars, accessories and talking to thousands of you on the phone or messaging back and forth via our Facebook account has taught us a few things about pipe tobacco smokers and RYO lifestyle enthusiasts. Dive into our blog for recommendations and thoughts.

Our Short List for Essential Products Every Pipe Tobacco Smoker Should Own

If you are smoking pipe tobacco and doing the RYO thing at home for flavoring and rolling up those smokes you need to take the deep dive into manual or electric cigarette machine. 

It’s a simple process as most of you know: price points are from under $20 bucks for an entry level manual machine to $30 bills for an Excel Cigarette Injector Machine, to a high end (150 smokes in a few minutes) electric machine that will also wash the dishes (tongue in cheek). 

Every household should have some gourmet popcorn in the cubboard when you get those must have a snack cravings above and beyond your basic chocolate. We sell the best popcorn in the world, Palo Popcorn made by honest to goodness cheese-heads in Wisconsin (no we don’t know if they are Packers fans), they use all organic products and coconut oil, not down market vegetable, peanut or “miscellaneous” types of oil. It tastes great, healthy and highly recommended.

pipe tobacco smoker on the way home from woodstock back in the day

Not to be impolite, but the wife, partner, friend, relative or neighbor hanging out in the house with you may (we hope not) the almighty goodness tobacco smoke imparts to the air and you are going to need a backstop to lessen the impact or trail of smoke your leaving behind. 

Like any good online tobacconist, we scoured the world and found the best smoke exterminator candles in the world and they are only going to set you back seven bills per candle, they burn a long time (hours and hours), come in a wide variety of flavors to fit every taste: cinnamon, lavender, melon, flower power and hippie love for those of you who reminisce about the Woodstock days, sandalwood, strawberries, apple, gingerbread, mandarin, Brazilian coffee, harvest cider, apple pumpkin, nirvana. 

  • If you want to live large check out our any twelve flavors smoke exterminator candle twelve pack that’s gonna save you money and ensure the hacienda is still smelling good for all parties. 

Every RYO Tobacco Enthusiast Should own a Zippo Lighter

No RYO lifestyle is ever going to be complete without a Zippo lighter. These babies are not your father’s lighters carried into just about any country in the world via a rucksack, backpack, pocket, purse, whatever. 

Today’s modern zippo lighters are available in just about any style color for an RYO tobacco enthusiast and you will probably want a butane versions called “candles” – we sell em too and if you are buying more than $200 in product from us you are going to get free shipping and some other goodies.

Embracing that Pipe Tobacco Smoker Lifestyle, then Check out Our YouTube Channel

Our all fun, no boring content YouTube Playlists curated for RYO pipe tobacco smokers with tunes that should inspire as you embrace the RYO lifestyle.  Baby Blue hearkens back to Breaking Bad days…….or much earlier if you are over 30.

Tubes and filters for pipe smokers like everything else tobacco related have advanced significantly in terms of materials used, the manufacturing process and even flavorings; in the old days RYO types used newspapers. No need today and we recommend cigarette Tubes and Filters from a ton of vendors and we have reviews for all of these products embedded via our site. 

One of our most popular brands of pipe tobacco is Gambler pipe tobacco and we recommend it and BTW some of us smoke it now and then around the bae we are out on the town or hanging out at home. It’s priced aggressively, flavor packed, made with good quality Virginia tobacco and Burley cured and quite popular for these reasons.