Ten Things for Improving Your Cigar Smoking

Every month we welcome calls from premium cigar smokers all over the U.S. and around the world in some cases. And, the topics ranged from the rather mundane to issues that are more exotic. But, we love these calls. 

There is no substitute in our business for providing services to our customers – we hope our blog in some small way helps to educated each of you about some of the issues that impact premium cigars and RYO tobacco. This post today focuses on some of the misnomers about cigars. Read on! 

Never assume your cigars are going to all have the same flavor and smoking characteristics across a box of cigars. If you access our site and order a fine box of Rocky Patel Cigars (thanks for the business!!) and then fire up a couple of sticks in the first week you can expect to experience some variances in the taste, the draw and even in the appearance of the cigar. Cigars are not a commodity product. 

Cigars are a very specialized product that blends source tobacco and a manufacturing process with lots of steps along the way. You are going to get some variances in taste – it comes with the proverbial territory. 

premium cigars in the wine country

Cigars are not wine and many think once nestled in your humidor they will improve as you age them. Yes, they should last a lot longer in a quality humidor with the correct humidity settings. But cigars don’t age like a fine Napa Pinot Noir, over time even if stored properly they may lose a bit of their flavor(s) as the tobacco ages. 

And, as earlier, it not stored properly they will not age well at all. Get a humidor if you are spending a couple of hundred bucks a month on premium cigars. 

Your mouth should never have a cigar stuck in it – your mouth is part of the smoking process of course. But, Al Capone was not a good example of good cigar etiquette (with a stick planted in his mouth). Tobacco of any type, especially tobacco used for a cigar does not do well when it’s wet. You don’t want to clinch a cigar in your mouth – that’s what your hand is for. Put down the phone and latch on to your cigar – it will draw and smoke better when it’s only placed in your mouth for smoking!

Thinking your wine or booze is a great place for enhancing the flavor by dipping a cigar in it. #neverdothis Alcohol is never good for a cigar and dipping your stick in a drink is just not something you want to do. And, frankly booze can just ruin a great cigar, especially after a couple of dips.

We tell customers on the phone all the time to “live dangerously” and try different cigars. All of us in life get stuck in ruts and know that there are a ton of new cigar lines introduced every month and we carry several hundred brands of cigars. Experiment as you smoke cigars – you will find a world of tastes and experiences that will reward you in ways you can’t always anticipate. 

gal holding a premium cigar

Some “macho types” (sorry guys) inhale cigars. You should not be mirroring this behavior. Cigars are designed for rolling the smoke over your taste buds in your mouth – you just don’t want to inhale them. Like a palate cleanser when you eat in a great restaurant, a sip of your favorite libation in between puffs can help to improve the flavor experience. But inhaling a cigar is never going to end well. 

We hope this blog was at least educational in some way. If you have questions about cigars or any of our products or even other products we don’t carry we absolutely invite you to call our toll free number or reach out via our contact page is you have questions we can answer.