Ten Ways to Get More our of your Next Premium Cigar

ten ways to get more out of your next premium cigars

You’ve bought that stick and your ready to fire it up with a glass of brandy in hand in front of a fire with a special someone close by. #lifeisgood

But, to get more out of your cigar purchases the next time around we’d like to share some information with you that we think will be helpful.

Understand how a Cigar Wrapper can help to define a Great Smoking Experience

  • Your Cigar Wrapper should be paired with the right filter and binder. You have to holistically think about all of the ingredients that go into a great cigar, not just the wrapper by itself.
  • The size and ring gauge of your cigar wrapper have a huge impact on the flavor.In most cases a cigar with small rings will generate more flavor from the wrapper than that of a really thick cigar.As bigger cigars usually have a higher amount of fillers that are competing for the overall taste, contrasted with a smaller ring cigar, which has much less filler
  • A great cigar wrapper and a cigar’s taste and flavor tie back to where the cigar tobacco is grown, the composition of the soil itself with have a significant impact on the quality of the leaf; usually soil that is mineral rich (high in potassium, iron and magnesium) you are going to get a plant with a much richer flavor, that is robust and aromatic.
  • The seed stock of a plant is another important variable and contributor to flavor.Do some deep dive research into the origin of your cigar wrapper, where it was grown and what type of seed stock did it originate from.

Make Sure that Man or Woman Cave has a Humidor

Take the plunge and buy a great humidor – your smoking experience and the longevity of your cigars will be much improved. 

Don’t just throw those sticks up on the shelf and leave them out to suffer the pangs of despair as they slowly dry up and the taste fades away. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

What you need to know about Cigar Storage and why a Humidor is Important

First, like everything in this age of data, the numbers: most aficionados will tell you to store a cigar in a low humidity environment with a 70 degree temperature and 68% humidity. These are optimum.

If you live in a humid environment or it’s summer time and the AC is on the fritz know that High humidity produces fungus (film coating) which even when wiped off negates the flavor of a great cigar. And if your humidity is too low essential oils can be lost, negating your smoking experience.

Bad storage conditions will definitely negate the flavor of your cigar but if you are using the right cigar humidor, know that optimum storage conditions can slightly raise the quality of a cigar.

Enjoying a Great Cigar is Like a Wonderful Sushi Meal – Here’s why

Every sushi restaurant (well everyone where we’ve eaten) serves a small plate of ginger with every meal. Its purpose is to cleanse your palate and to help your taste buds “recover” from the last bite of Meguro tuna.

As you work through a couple of cigars during a wonderful meal remember to cleanse your palate. Try club soda, water with a twist of lime or lemon, a sorbet (especially if your eating in France right?), a mild cheese or a handful of pistachio or almonds will work too; or even a weak cocktail that does not have too much flavor.

The critical issue you should b aware of is just refreshing your taste buds using something with an acidic content that is not too strong on your taste buds.

Embrace your Inner Mild When Smoking a Number of Cigars During an Evening

If you are going to fire up multiple sticks during an evening start with the mildest one of the bunch so you don’t overwhelm your taste buds with something too strong.

And, as we shared earlier, give your taste buds ”refreshment” in between sticks to get the most out of your smoking experience.

Embrace Life in the Slow Lane to Enjoy a Cigar

As in enjoying many things in life, savor the individual moments when/where you can and enjoying a cigar is no different.

Smoking a cigar should never be rushed it should be contemplative – you want to puff enough to keep the stick going, but don’t take a draw more than once every minute or two. Always let a cigar burn at it’s own pace.

Keep Your Powder Dry and the Tip of Your Cigar to get the Full Experience

Keep the tip of your cigar as dry as possible – a tip that is too moist helps nicotine and tars build up in your saliva and will ruin the flavor of the cigar.

So, ignore the urge to look like Jordan Belfort from the “Wolf of Wall Street” and keep your cigar where it belongs in your hand. Rule of thumb: takes about 30-45 minutes for a great cigar to burn and shouldn’t be in your mouth more than three minutes.

Takeaways for Mobile in Hand Cigar Aficionados

So in conclusion, run down the origin of your next box of cigars, buy a great humidor, refresh you smoking palate between sticks, take your time and enjoy the smoke and keep it dry.

There’s a bit more than ten ways to get more out of your cigar in this post. But, regardless, we hope you found it beneficial. Keep the information flowing your way via our blog and get some great deals, reviews and much more sign up for our Newsletter