The Best Pipe Tobacco in the World You Need to Taste

There is no absolute perfect bag of pipe tobacco – it’s all about your experience as smoker, your tastes and lifestyle do of course impact what is the best pipe tobacco in the world. It is a subjective analytical process selecting the best of anything. 

Look some gals like Fords, some are drawn to Chevrolets and for those with an unlimited budget, probably lean towards a Ferrari or a Porsche. It’s all about perspective and budget. But, we can tell you D&R pipe tobacco is one of the finest brands in the world: here’s why:

Why D&R Pipe Tobacco is one of the Best Blends in the World

Lets’ start with the basics: thhe D&R stands for Daughters and Ryan and it’s a North Carolina based brand and there is a live human being driving the company, that would be Mark Ryan, the master blender and tobacconist par excellence. 

Think of Mark like a very sophisticated master blender of tastes and exoctic materials on par with Dave Jackson, the founder, entrepreneur, CEO, master blender who turned the sleep Kendall Jackson brand into one of the largest wine brands in the world.

Like Dave Jackson, Mark Ryan and D&R have done a masterful job sourcing the highest quality pipe tobacco in the industry, including not only traditional growers in Kentucky and Virginia but a group of tobacco growers in Louisiana and their most awesome Perique blend is in fact controlled primarily buy Mark and his partner, Steve Coley, as they own two of the three know sources for this tobacco. 

That’s why (no offense meant) this blend of D&R pipe tobacco is priced higher than most of its competitors. In this case you are getting what you pay for.

While we wax poetic about the awesomeness of the D&R brand and their Perique blend we should note this is a very hard tobacco to refine and process on the order of complexity associated with producing a fine wine – it’s very labor intensive and the aging and fermentation processes have to be done with an attention to detail. 

Some consider the D&K Windsail Platinum as one of the best pipe tobaccos in the world: it’s rich, creamy, a full bodied taste with absolutely no harsh tastes of any kind. It’s all good. Windsail Platinum garners more excellent reviews than a Five Star Michelin Restaurant. 

You want exoctic blends (more on this below) with a complex taste for each then look no further than D&R tobacco products. They have over twenty-five separate blends and by the time we upload this blog post they will have more. Mark and his team are always busy in the “tobacco labs” developing more products and NTW, we will carry them all.

Here is a short list of some of their top tier pipe tobacco blends and we don’t want to be overly generous with our reviews – just check out the reviews on our site. Are there products perfect? No, and you can find reviews that are not always the best. But, this is not always the fault of the manufacturer. 

Vengeur:  this is a classic tasting mild mixture of Virginia tobacco, Burley and a touch of Oriental flavor to make it stand out.. It’s a consistent best seller for us and very/very popular. There is nothing like it in the mass produced pipe tobacco brands. 

Vengeur Light Pipe Tobacco: a somewhat lighter tasting blend then the classic Vengeur, with a touch of Burley and Oriental tobaccos; some compare this to more of a classic high quality traditional cigarette. 

Vengeur Platinum: this is made with D&R’s new ultra high grade flue cured Virgnia tobacco which offsets some of the organic taste you’l find in a Burley. It’s a great smoke unrivaled by lower cost pipe tobacco brands. 

Windsail Blend of pipe tobacco: this was somewhat similar to their earlier AmeriGold brand, but they have removed all of the flavorings and casing, so it surpasses the first generation product.

Windsail Light: this is a lighter version of the Windsail brand, with a bit more carefully selected light golden brown Virginia tobacco which helps to lighten up the flavor and taste.

Windsail Platinum pipe tobacco: this is off the charts in popularity for many smokers; that’s what we hear on the phone all of the time about this brand. Most consider it a great if not the absolute finest blend of pipe tobacco that cannot or is not duplicated by more mass market brands. 

Rowland: this is loaded with a lot of burley flavor and very light hint of an Oriental taste. if you love burley this is the blend for you. Some can even taste a hint of coca in the tobacco as it is smoked. 

dr john in repose

Rowland Light: a more sophisticated lighter tasting version of the classic Rowland – smokes just a bit smoother and many smokers swear the aroma is nothing short of spectacular. 

Penhooker tobacco blend: if you are a fan of rather golden Canadian that’s been mixed with Virginias this pipe tobacco has your name on it; should be stored properly as it can dry out easily for some. Your envisioning a Canadian Mounty when you fire this pipe tobacco up – authentic and nothing bland about it. 

Wingate: D&R methol love rolled into a pipe tobacco blend with no equal. If your a menthol type there is nothing smoother or better on the market.

Wingate Gold pipe tobacco: this is a rocking more robust smoke and D&R has mixed in a bit more ultra high grade flue cured Virgiinia with a menthol taste that is not as strong as the Wingate “standard.” 

Ryback tobacco: if you are old enough to remember the classic French Gauloisses (not available here in the U.S.) then this is the pipe tobacco for you – it’s strong kind of like a cup of your favorite blend of coffee in the a.m. blended in your kitchen. 

Ryback Gold: this is an ultra high grade flue cured tobacco that is milder than the Ryback. The taste kick is a bit more subtle than the Ryback. Think: just a bit more refined. 

Three Sails: your ready to go on a cruise to a Pacific island then this exoctic blend is for you. It’s all Virginia and a bit in your face like a stiff breeze coming over the transom on the boat: the name says it all. Just try it. 

Ramback blend: this is a serious full bore Turkish blend, not for anyone but those who are living life on the edge and crave a unique pipe tobacco experience that is off the charts.

Ramback Gold: this is a bit more subtle than the Ramback blend (above), smokes milder and it uses 40% more ultra fine cured tobacco. It’s truly a unique one of kind blend not found anywhere else. 

Two Timer: Burley love in a pipe tobacco blend; double toasted for double goodness. It’s burley that’s in your face and coming at you like a freight train.

Two Timer Gold: this tastes like an old school traditional smoke, using a double toasted burley to add some character and some ultra flue cured tobacco to round out the flavor. 

Athey: this is just like what the cowboys smoked back in the day; nothing too refined, just a fine tasting more traditional pipe tobacco smoke that uses disc cut flakes that help to flavor the taste. 

Winter Gold pipe tobacco: nothing left to chance here this pipe tobacco blend is flavored with old school wintergreen to give it a great taste. It’s refreshing and smokes very cool. 

Perique S.J. Rimboche blend: you like to hang out in and around the second line folks, then there is no better blend of pipe tobacco in the world for you. It’s made (as earlier) with Kentucky and Louisiana tobacco that is hard to come by, making this pipe tobacco one of the most exclusive in the world. It’s tasty, mellow, warm and you should try it at least once or twice in your life. Yes, it’s Virginia based. But, there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. 

St. James Perique pipe tobacco: again grown just in Louisiana and Kentucky; it’s a rare treat of a pipe tobacco that’s been handled with care in every sense of the word. Warm, mellow and with a lot of stuff going on under the surface.

As we said at the outset of this post. Is there any one best blend of pipe tobacco? That’s a hard question to answer but we think D&R Pipe Tobacco is one of the finest brands in the world and if you are looking for something special to smoke you have found the right brand.