The Best Tasting Premium Cigars for your Humidor’s Top Shelf

Best tasting premium cigars is a bit of an oxymoron – and/or like boiling the ocean. At best premium cigar selection is somewhat driven by your tastes, when you embraced the sisterhood and brotherhood of the stick and your budget is part of the equation. 

First. let’s talk about premium cigar selection. Basic issues you need to keep in mind: 

  • The head of a premium cigar is your way into cigar goodness: this is the end you will draw from and it’s always going to be sealed and you have to use a cigar cutter to remove the very tip of the cigar. 
  • Off the shelf scissors, your teeth or that knife you are carrying in your pocket will work; but a cigar cutter does a much better job.You don’t want a head of a cigar looking like it was cut off with blunt knife – you want an even cut and a trimmed head, which in turn gives you a better draw and smoke.
  • The foot does not refer to a body part; it’s the side of the cigar you are lighting and our strong recommendation is to always use a butane lighter. Matches, candles and other assorted materials can leave some aftertaste in your mouth.
  • In premium cigar language “filler tobacco” is not a bad word – this is the core tobacco that is used in your cigar; in a well made cigar the attention to details are important in not only the selection of a specific type of tobacco used but in the drying and fermenting (in some cases) of tobacco used in your cigar.
  • A premium cigar wrapper is the final peace de ressitance of any great cigar: look for some variance in color and texture as you assess a cigar wrapper. It’s going to vary from a very light color to dark and a great deal of the taste in your cigar can be attributed to the quality of the actual wrapper. 
  • Lower cost cigar brands (no offense meant) will scrimp on a wrapper, giving you a much harsher smoke that is not going to taste great. A cigar wrapper is really one of the most important taste contributors for any cigar, if note one of the most important ingredients.

premium cigar smoker gazng into Yosemite Valley

Two Great Everyday Premium Cigars that Won’t Break the Proverbial Bank 

Let’s start with a premium cigar that’s an standby smoke for an any cigar aficionado: The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor. This cigar packs a wallop and it’s not for the faint of heart; it’s not going to knock you out of your chair with raw power, it’s like firing up a Ferrari, it’s a smooth powerful “ride” you are going to enjoy.

  • The Rocky Patel Edge really shows off the skills of Patel’s chief cigar maker, Nestor Plasencia. It’s a full flavored complex tasting cigar, comes in two premium wrappers: the spicy Corojo leaf or the “over the top” rich maduro that’s as dark and oily as the bottom of an oil rig 1K feet down. Not for the fainthearted, as earlier. 

Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco leaf, using classic traditional “Cuban cigar manufacturing methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the early days in Cuba. 

It’s a mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine – it has a subtle taste that goes well with lighter meals. 

  • The Alec Bradley American Classic is well made premium cigar that uses a gorgeous tasting Connecticut seed Honduran wrapper. It’s priced aggressively but there is not drop off in quality for this cigar vs. much more expensive sticks in the $200-300 pirce range (per box). 
  • The Alec Bradley American classic cigar provides a complex taste with notes of coffee, nuts and a slight woodsy after taste that lets you know this baby is well made. It’s more expensive than entry level priced cigars; but it’s well worth a few bucks more for a box of these cigars.


Three All In Luxury Brand Cigars that Round Out a Great Meal or Company

The Avo XO Trio Intermezzo – Avo has its roots in music oddly enough, Avo Uveaian (the founder) started selling cigars as he played piano in Palmas del Mar in 1987. Their cigar brand is forevermore linked to music, which helps to make their cigars stand out.

  • The “Intermezzo” is named after the musical and this drop dead gorgeous tassking cigar has a beautiful symmetrical appearance, a shaped robusto cigar with a bit of a spicy but well balanced taste, with all the characteristics you’d expect with a high end cigar.  

This Honduran beauty, the Camancho Triple Maduro owns its heritage to the Camancho family who were the first cigar manufacturers in the world to roll three layers of leaf into their cigars – there is nothing left to chance with this cigar brand, they grow their own tobacco. 

  • This stick is something you should treasure after a great meal and with good company – it has notes of coffee (espresso), with a slight hint of toasted pine nuts, a slight aftertaste of mocha – the flavor is intoxicating and what you’d expect with a Camancho Triple Maduro.

The Cuvee Grand Lancero is named and branded based on the classic French term on wine bottles that define a specific blend of wine. This is a classic premium cigar reflecting the standard Lancero size and to many cigar aficionados it’s commensurate in taste to the finest Cuban blends; some think even better than a Cuban cigar. 

  • It’s a tough at times to track these cigars down (call us) and these sticks are known for their strength, nothing mild about this cigar. The draw is great, the aftertastes are rich and every other cigar will pale in contrast to the Cuvee Grand Lancero cigar.

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Here is an under two minute video from our YouTube Channel on Five Great Cigar Humidors.