The New Era of Flavored Smoking Products and Lifestyle Changes

There is an old Irish saying: “to each his own” and it reverberates down through the ages and can be used as a commentary on today’s social drenched world now dominated by millennials. Their lifestyle choices about booze, drugs, Sex (see: Tinder), vape pens, ecigs, music, vehicles, media and fashion are being defined in real time. As it should be.

The classic cigar or cigarette is now being replaced by a ton of new products and our place is not to advocate for against usage. We are an online retailer of cigars and pipe tobacco products and we serve a customer base that uses some if not all of these product. Here is our short list of great cigars if you are feeling the urge to get out there on the edge.

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Leading the way is the new generation of Swisher Sweets: these next gen cigars are a machine made blend of quality tobacco goodness, with a mild sweet tasting smoke that is not going to knock your socks off like a classic Cuban. You can buy them in a classic cigarillo size but if you are chasing a larger ring gauge then the blunt is going to satisfy your taste buds.

  • And, don’t forget about the Swisher sweets mini cigarillos; we always have these babies in stock and we will get em to your front door in a day or two. Small plug……

The AyC Grenadier Dark: the formal name is the Antonio y Cleoopatra cigar, one of the best selling machine made cigars of all times, made with high quality tobacco from Central America rolled with a natural wrapper.Antonio y Cleopatra cigars have been smoked and enjoyed since 1879, made in Cayey Puerto Rico using a great body of cuban seed stock mixed with some awesome fillers.

Dutch Masters President Cigars: these sticks are one of our most popular machine made cigars; they are mild and if smoke in a enclosed area, are going to offer a pleasant aroma. Made with a Cuban seed filler(s), providing a rich, somewhat mellow taste that goes well a great meal, a young whiskey (in hand) – made by Altadie USA and available in box of 50 and these babies have an impressive length of 5 and 5/8 inches with a ring gauge of 40 1/2. It’s a consistently machine

The smoothness of a Dutch Masters President is one of the main reasons it is loved by folks all over the world. This mild cigar gives off an exceedingly pleasant aroma that simply cannot be ignored by any cigar enthusiast. The use of fine Cuban-Seed fillers mean you can expect a rich, mellow smoke, every time you light one up. The natural wrapper used with a homogenized binder adds to the flavor of the cigar making it irresistible to even casual smokers.

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As far as pairings are concerned, a young whisky is one drink that has the complexity and depth of flavor to stand up to the Dutch Masters President. The manufacturer, Altadis USA, offers the cigar inboxes of 50. This Puerto-Rican original is 5⅝ inches in length and has a ring gauge of 40½. It is machine made, so you know that you’re always going to get a perfect roll.]

Backwoods: the original “mild and wild cigar” from the good old west days. These machine made cigars are an all around smoke at any time or place cigar – look let’s be frank, it’s not a premium cigar but it will get you through times when you need to fire up stick. It’s aggressively priced too, featuring homogenized tobacco with additive flavoring who want more than a plain vanilla cigar experience.

Black and Mile Cream and Cherry Cigars: this is a great moderately price cigar made in PA by John Middleton Company, now owned by Phillip Morris. It has a wrapper made of homogenized pipe tobacco featuring a wood or plastic tip and you can also get these sticks as “Shorts” – half the size of a regular cigar and also filtered little cigar versions. It’s a sweet smelling cigar that’s a bit middle of the road; but, it’s got a decent taste and certainly good value for what you pay for it. 

And you can get these in a ton of flavors: Apple, Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Jazz, Dark Blend and even a cool Jazz flavor for those that want a unique taste.

  • Apple
  • Casino
  • Cream
  • Cherry
  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Dark Blend
  • Jazz

Al Capone Cigars: these cigars are near and dear to our hearts, we are tobacconists from the “Windy City” (our logo says it all) and there is nothing not to like with these cigars. These sticks are hand rolled with loving craftsmanship, available in a variety of flavors and perfect for that time when you don’t have time for smoking a traditional cigar. These sticks are small in stature but large in taste: 3 1/2 by 20 available in: Slim, Jamaica, Menthol or Sweet. 

life is good, some good scotch and a fine cigar

Good Time Cigarillos: with a mild, aromatic flavor, with a slightly sweet taste and available in a number of flavors and foil wrapped for absolute freshness at all times. They are an economical smoke that’s easy on the debit card when you are in need and the flavors are varied: black signature, blueberry, champagne, French grape, grape (standard), pineapple, sweet and green sweet. 

So, to summarize, cigars, cigarillos, sticks, flavored cigars; i.e. whatever you want to call them are available in a wide variety of flavors that fit just about any occasion or taste. And, you can pair them with beer, tequila, wine and just about any type of food. We stock every cigar we mentioned in this blog post and can ususally get them shipped to you in under a day or two.