Things We Get Asked by RYO Pipe Tobacco and Cigar Smokers

Our story: ten plus years in business – having the pleasure of helping a thousands of pipe tobacco smokers and premium cigar folks with hundreds or maybe thousands of questions. Who is keeping track? Not us.

Keep em coming BTW, we appreciate your business and thank you for sharing your thoughts, questions and requests over the years. 

But in the interest of saving you some time here are some suggestions and related videos that we hope will be useful. 

Okay I bought this premium cigar from you but how do I cut this baby without embarrassing myself of doing serious damage to my fingers? 

Get a cigar cutter, we sell them for under $20 bucks; don’t use your fingers, as below.

  • There are three basic types or styles of cuts (if you will): the straight cut, the wedge or ‘V,” and the basic hole punch.
  • For those of you who live more on the edge, as of 2010 or thereabouts the “Shurieken” or multiple slit cut is now somewhat in vogue. It’s a little exotic, especially if you are early in the game using cigar cutters.
  • An experienced cigar aficionado is not always going to go with the same cut – the most popular cut of all time is the plain straight cut., especially for a cigar with a smaller ring size.
  • Making the actual cut is somewhat of a personal choice like the eternal some ladies like tall guys smoking a cigar and some like em short. Regardless ladies, we appreciate your kindness to any and all cigar smokers. 

Okay you are on your phone and you are in a hurry: hit play on this video about cutting a cigar and you are good to go. 

“I know nothing about cigars but I am buying a box for my best friend who is getting married in ……what’s a good choice? You are good to go with any of these three and your selection should elicit smiles all around.

The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor. It may not sound as exoctic as some of the other premium cigars we have mention in this post, but it’s a great cigar and consistently highly ranked by our customers and cigar reviewers.It may not have as much mystique as more expensive premium cigars but it’s a great product: burns evenly, tastes good and has quality construction across the entire Rocky Patel family of cigars.

The Avo XO Trio Intermezzo – Avo has its roots in music oddly enough, Avo Uveaian (the founder) started selling cigars as he played piano in Palmas del Mar in 1987.

  • The “Intermezzo” is named after the musical term of course and this cigar has a beautiful symmetrical appearance, a shaped robusto cigar with a bit of a spicy but well balanced taste, with all the characteristics you’d expect with robusto – the length and ring gauge are in perfect harmony and this is spectacular cigar.

This Honduran beauty, the Camancho Triple Maduro owns its heritage to the Camancho family who were one of the first manufacturers in the world to roll three layers of leaf into their cigars. As a result, their cigars are always highly rated, known for the highest quality. 

  • They grown their own tobacco and control every finite detail of the manufacturing process – this stick has flavors of coffedd (esperesso if you will), with a hint of toasted nuts and maybe even a bit of mocha, producing a complex taste for those with a very refined palate.

The Cuvee Grand Lancero is named and branded based on the classic French term on wine bottles that define a specific blend of wine. This is a classic cigar reflecting the standard Lancero size and to many cigar aficionados it’s commensurate in taste to the finest Cuban blends. It can be hard to find, typically only found in major metropolitan cities in the U.S. and Europe. 

  • The taste is strong and somewhat mysterious, giving you a hint of flavors you aren’t going to easily replicated in other cigars.

For some background just check out our video on premium cigars: five things to look for: 

I’m embracing pipe tobacco; tired of supporting corporate titans and I want to save some “benjamins” (or “franklins” in some cases); what do I need to know about RYO tobacco? 

Virginia is the source for most pipe tobacco: just under 70% of all pipe tobacco grown in the U.S. hails from Virginia; this pipe tobacco typically has a somewhat delicate fruit like flavor with an overall sweetness and Virginia tobacco is known for being an all around on the mild side pipe tobacco.

Burley tobacco comes in a distant second to VA tobacco. Burley means “air cured” – the curing is done in large open barns, ensuring good air flow over the tobacco, aged 1-3 months. Most burley has a color that ranges from light brown to a much darker mahogany. Burley tobacco is going to build on you a bit more than Virginia tobacco; as you smoke it the taste will get stronger.

Spice tobacco is very popular and it is not just a single tobacco. It’s a mixture or blend of multiple types of pipe tobacco and it’s very common in more exoctic blends of pipe tobacco.

Cavendish is not a reference to a type of tobacco but a process of curing and a method of cutting tobacco leaf; the process is used to enhance the natural sweetness and characteristics of most Virginia tobacco leaves.

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