Three Great Machine Made Cigars On Sale

Lets face it machine made cigars are no longer just cheap “sticks” you might pick up in your local convenience store with a low price, but the taste of a day old cigar left out in the ashtray that’s never going to smoke well.

No more – today you can get just about any flavor of machine made cigar you want and the quality is close to standard cigars. Today’s modern machine made cigars smoke great, have good burn characteristics, use quality tobacco and flavoring agents. These are not your grandpa’s cigars.

Let’s talk about one of the best machine made cigars on the market today. We have been carrying AYC Grenadier Cigars since we opened our virtual doors over ten years ago. 

These machine made cigars are made by the prominent premium cigar brand, Antonio y Cleopatra – these people know how to make great cigars and their machine made cigars are great: good attention to detail, filler tobacco comes from Cuban seed, every cigar is encased in a natural leaf wrapper. 

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Antonio y Cleopatra machine made cigars are mild but have enough taste to let you know you are smoking a great cigar and they come in four flavors: Mints, Darks, Whiffs and Minis and you can get these in 5/5 or 5/6 or 10/6 packs. 

Swisher Sweets machine made cigars are always on a short list and highly recommended and don’t just take our word for it; check out their reviews here on our site.

No review or recommendation of flavorful machine made cigars could be done without including Swisher Sweets Machine Made Cigars. Every day tens of millions of machine made cigar smokers light up a Swisher Sweet, it’s a great product, well made and Swisher uses good quality tobacco and prices each box of these cigars so they are market competitive.

  • Live large smoking Swisher Sweets machine made cigars with : blunts (yes!), BLK Tip, strawberry, grape, white grape, chocolate (live large and check these out), wild rush. We sell them in 20/6, foil pouches, pack of 15 and by the box and if you are looking for a deal on Swisher Sweets Cigars don’t forget our buy one get one free promotion.

Hava-Tampa-Jewels machine made cigars are probably the best know brand of machine made cigars in the world. For good reason, these machine made cigars have manufactured since 1902 when Tampa Florida was known as “cigar city” – these cigars are mild, sweet but not too sweet, each one includes a birchwood tip not “generic” wood like some of their low cost competitors and come in their standard flavors and also vanilla, we sell Hav-a-Tampa-Jewels in 10/5 packs or a box of fifty of these little beauties.

When is it acceptable to fire up a machine made cigar? Anytime: the stigma of smoking a machine made cigar is out the window. It’s socially acceptable to fire up on of these tasty sticks. It’s also cool to pass one out when you are in social settings – you aren’t going to get the looks of disdain. There is not prejudice towards machine made cigars.