Three Great Pipe Tobacco Brands for Every Roll Your Own Lifestyle Smoker

In this world of infinite customization some pipe tobacco smokers are not satisfied with the almost infinite number of pipe tobacco flavors (strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, cherry, etc.) and want to make their own custom blend at home. 

This process is much simpler than you think. You can mirror what moonshiners did back in the day and cook up your own tasty blend of pipe tobacco with a blend that suits your taste every day of the week. 

You don’t need to read a long blog post all you need to do is just view our sixty second video and you are good to go on creating your own flavored pipe tobacco. 

Three Great Pipe Tobaccos you can Easily Flavor at Home 

Gambler Pipe Tobacco is well made, affordable, made with high quality Virginia and Burley tobaccos, provides a smooth rich taste. And, their tobacco is hand selected, every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored – we sell a lot of Gambler Pipe Tobacco and highly recommend it. Note Gambler also makes their own tubes, filters and it’s available in wide variety of flavors if you don’t want to go to the trouble of flavoring it at home.

Our Au Naturalle OHM Pipe Tobacco is one of the top five selling pipe tobacco products in the world. You can get it in a 5 lg bag of pipe tobacco goodness, 16 oz bag or if you want to take a deep dive into OHM Pipe Tobacco and not spend a lot of money you can buy a sampler bag of tobacco for under two bucks. 

OHM Pipe Tobacco has been the choice for RYO tobacco smokers for over ten years and if you take the time to read the reviews on our site you’ll understand why we are so proud of our very own pipe tobacco product. 

OHM Pipe Tobacco is made with high quality Virginia tobacco leaves sourced from growers we have working with for many many years. The taste is rich enough to give you a full flavored experience, but mild enough so you know you’re smoking high quality pipe tobacco. Nothing harsh about this tobacco.

If you don’t want to flavor your own pipe tobacco at home OHM comes in a wide variety of pipe tobacco goodness:

  • Bold -  is a rich get your attention full flavored pipe tobacco taste; a bit stronger than our other blends. Probably not the best choice for you unless you want something that’s strong.
  • Blue – is strong but has a somewhat milder taste than our Bold
  • Mint – OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco has a hint of menthol in it; doesn’t overpower you but lets you smoke cool.
  • Gold Mint – OHM Gold Mint is a bit smoother on the taste buds than our standard mint flavor.
  • Silver – With a smooth as silk taste, this pipe tobacco is for the more experienced pipe tobacco smoker who wants a sophisticated taste.
  • Natural – is gong to give you a fuller and heavier smoke than the OHM Bold tobacco; both are similar with some subtle differences between the two.
  • Turkish Red – OHM Turkish Red has an exoctic taste for those that are seeking a more life on the edge with their tobacco.
  • Turkish Yellow – OHM Turkish Yellow Blend offers the same great blend as our OHM Turkish Red but with a smoother taste.
  • Super Mint – OHM Super Mint Tobacco offers a refreshing, cool-tasting mint style for those that prefer an extra burst of menthol. It’s long on mint flavor and not for those who don’t want a strong minty taste. 

Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is aptly named. It’s a popular brand of pipe tobacco; the packaging is great, incorporating stand up bags that can take a beating and still hold up with an oxygen resistant layer that helps the pipe tobacco stay fresher longer. 

The parent corporation of Good Stuff Pipe tobacco is based here in the U.S. in North Carolina. They manufacture a quality product, with good quality tobacco in every package: it comes in a wide variety of flavors: 16 oz, 1 lb bags, 6 oz backs and a 5 lb high value bulk bag. Like our OHM Tobacco if you want to sample their flavors these include: Full Flavor, Red, Silver, Gold, Natural, Menthol and Menthol light. 

Unlike cheaper brands of pipe tobacco Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco has a signature smooth taste, with a good finish like a premium cigar and no harsh aftertaste. 

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