Three Great Tasting Premium Cigars for the Discerning Cigar Smoker

Your premium cigar choices are always going to be infinite. The assessment process can be akin to boiling the ocean – cigar manufacturers are coming out with new brands all the time and your tastes and possibly your budget are always changing. 

First an Important Part of the Selection Process is an Understanding of Three Cigar Basics

Everything about a premium cigar starts with the head. Your going to at least understand cigar cutter basics, as every cigar head has to be clipped prior to smoking it. 

Take a hard look at the head of a cigar. It shoiuld look good, no ragged edges, the tobacco wrapper should be in place and the appearance of the tip should be consistent with the look and feel of the cigar.

An understanding of filler tobacco is also integral to the selection of a cigar. Filler is the core tobacco used in your cigar and it is the overarching taste component of any cigar. So, ask questions about the filler used in your cigar – the more you know about the filer the better you will be able to judge the quality of the cigar.

The wrapper of a premium cigar is like icing on a cake – it’s integral to your taste experience and stay away from wrappers that have an odd appearance, look a bit dry on the exterior or have an odd coloration. 

You want a consistent look and feel. Nothing wrong with some variations in color; but to underscore, a dramatic difference in color may mean it’s a low cost wrapper or something has gone wrong in the manufacturing or storage of the cigar.


Two Great Everyday Premium Cigars that Won’t Break the Proverbial Bank

Let’s start with a premium cigar that’s an standby smoke for an any cigar aficionado: The Rock Patel Edge Torpedo is an absolute must have for your humidor. 

This cigar packs a taste wallop and it’s not for the faint of heart; it’s not going to knock you out of your chair with raw unfettered power, it’s like firing up a Ferrari, it’s a smooth powerful “ride” you are going to enjoy. But, probably not the best choice for a neophyte cigar smoker.

The Rocky Patel Edge really shows off the skills of Patel’s chief cigar maker, Nestor Plasencia. It’s a full flavored complex tasting cigar, comes in two premium wrappers: the spicy Corojo leaf or the “over the top” rich maduro that’s as dark and oily as the bottom of an oil rig 1K feet down. Not for the fainthearted, as earlier.

Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco leaf, using classic traditional “Cuban cigar manufacturing methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the early days in Cuba. 

Why is this important? You want a cigar that has been manufactured properly; lower cost economy brand cigar manufacturers just don’t have the time or resources to manufacture a quality product. The devil is always in the details.

The American Classic is a mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine – it has a subtle taste that goes well with lighter meals.

  • The American Classic uses a gorgeous tasting Connecticut seed Honduran wrapper. It’s priced aggressively but there is not drop off in quality for this cigar vs. much more expensive sticks in the $200-300 price range (per box).
  • The Alec Bradley American classic cigar provides a complex taste with notes of coffee, nuts and a slight woodsy after taste that lets you know this baby is well made. It’s more expensive than entry level priced cigars; but it’s well worth a few bucks more for a box of these cigars.

Take a Deep Taste Dive with this Honduran Beauty

The Camancho Triple Maduro owes its heritage to the Camancho family who were the first cigar manufacturers in the world to roll three layers of leaf into their premium cigars – there is nothing left to chance with this cigar brand, they grow their own tobacco, closely monitor every facet of the manufacturing process and carefully monitor every aspect of production.

This stick is something you should treasure after a great meal and with good company – it has notes of coffee (espresso), with a slight hint of toasted pine nuts, a slight aftertaste of mocha – the flavor is intoxicating and what you’d expect with a Camancho Triple Maduro. Your living large when you fire the beauty up. 

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