Tips on Buying Cigars for Novices

So you have decided to start smoking cigars. Well, you have made a fantastic choice. But before you spend your money on buying your first cigar, you should keep certain things in mind. Whether you have taken up smoking cigars from a friend, relative or some role model of yours, you have to consider a number of things before you purchase your first cigar. Now let us explore some tips on buying cigars. If you have just started smoking cigars and are a beginner, it is advisable to start with milder cigars that are available in medium and mild-bodied selection. There are many reviews that are available in The Cigar Store online, that guide you which cigars are for beginners and which are merely for experienced smokers. The stronger cigars are recommended for experienced cigars and these are in full-bodied variety. The reason why mild cigars are commended for beginners is because they prepare the taste buds of the smoker and permit you to experience various cigar flavors that you will come across in future.

Another tip you should follow while purchasing cigars for the first time is that you should personally go and visit your nearest local Cigar Shops if feasible. Observe the different varieties the store has. Touch the cigars and also smell them.  This way you can actually enjoy yourself in the entire cigar purchasing experience. Don’t be scared to involve yourself practically with the cigars while you are in the cigar shop. And this is the main reason why you should go to your local tobacconist personally in order to get a hands-on experience. While smelling the cigars, ascertain which aroma appeals to you. While touching them, ensure that the cigars are firm. Spongy cigars are not preferred. Furthermore, try to find cigars having oily wrappers and should be free of any defects. You should not want a completely dry wrapper that will crack everywhere. It is better to inspect it before rather than regretting later.

One more benefit and the main reason why a beginner should go in person is that you will be able to have a chat with the salesperson. It is expected that they will give you sufficient advices for cigar novices and of course they will be more than happy to assist you hoping to get a customer. Probably the salesperson will try his best to sell you a cigar and other accessories, but there are other salesperson who have the intention to be helpful to you and not just take advantage of your inexperience to make quick money. So do your research properly and go to The Cigar Shop that has a good reputation.

Alternatively, if there aren’t any cigar stores in your locality, you can always buy your cigars from online stores. And there are some benefits of purchasing from online retailers. The main advantage is the price. Many a time you will find that prices are lower in online stores compared to a brick and mortar shop. The reason for this is online stores have lower overhead costs and they pass this benefit to their customers. Another benefit is that you will get an assortment of cigar collection from these online shops. They also have recommendations for new smokers and cigar samples can also be obtained. Finally, buying cigars online will let you read consumer testimonials on their websites. This way you will gain more experience and understand which cigars you enjoy.

Benefits of Ordering Cigars Online