Tobacco For Sale Always Here at Windy City Cigars

Tobacco is always for sale here at Windy City Cigars. We hate expensive retail prices and we have the best deals on tobacco products, cigars, smoking accessories and filters and tubes on or off the web. 

We get products to you fast too – we are in Chicago and our central location lets us ship fast and efficiently – we’ve been in business for over ten years and our very own OHM Pipe Tobacco is one of the top five selling pipe tobaccos in the world.

Ten Great RYO Tobacco Products to Help you Get Ready for that Next Barbecue or Party 

Criss Cross Tobacco Mint is the perfect roll your own tobacco for the summer time or any time for that matter. It’s got a great taste, with just a hint of menthol that’s not going to overpower your taste buds. And, Criss Cross Tobacco has a ton of flavors and we carry them all; just check out the Criss Cross Tobacco Section.

Premier Cigarette Tubes are a well made cigarette tube, that burn well, complement your roll your own tobacco and work well with any cigarette rolling machine, either manual or electric. We have been stocking premier cigarette tubes since we first opened our virtual doors – they are a great product, well made and priced aggressively. 

Best Pipe Tobacco for Sale Here at Windy City Cigars

Our very own OHM Pipe Tobacco is a consistent top seller here in the U.S. and around the world. It’s always tobacco for sale, in stock and with great reviews here on our site and via Biz Rate too. Try one of our OHM Tobacco for sale blends and you won’t be disappointed.

4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is know for their distinct flavor; not as well known as some other brands but they make a great RYO tobacco product with a unique taste that some find very attractive.

Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco comes in a 14oz tin and it’s a great smoking pipe tobacco. It’s a distinctive pipe tobacco; again, not as popular as other brands but it’s a good product, priced well and made with high quality pipe tobacco.

Bugler Pipe Tobacco is the number one pipe tobacco in the world and it’s popularity can be attributed to the quality of this fine roll your own tobacco, the pricing of the product, how well the tobacco can be process in an electric or manual cigarette machine. You can’t go wrong smoking Bugler Pipe Tobacco. 

D&R Cockstrong Pipe Tobacco; this is not your average pipe tobacco, this is one of the absolute best pipe tobaccos on the market, made with the finest ingredients, manufactured carefully with no attention to details ignored during the roll your own tobacco manufacturing process. Check out their 16oz bag of RYO tobacco goodness. Windy City Cigars your home for tobacco on sale.

Four Great Machine Made Cigars       

Nothing better tasting on the market than Swisher Sweets machine made cigars. They have a flavored machine made cigar for just about any taste, their wooden tip makes it easy to smoke the beauties, their flavoring agents are the best on the market and we sell a ton of these machine made cigars for good reason. They are popular and always a great smoke after, before or during any occasion.

Garci y Vega machine made cigars have been made since the late 1800’s and this rich tradition serves any cigar smoker well, whether you like premium or machine made cigars. The Garcia y Vega cigar blends are made with aged filler tobacco and a high quality natural leaf wrapper, giving you the machine made smoker a rich taste that’s not too strong, but strong enough to let you are smoking a great cigar. 

Garcia y Vega machine made cigars are affordable high value cigars, available as Elegantes, Galliantes and Cigarillos (box of 50 for the latter). Thanks for stopping by and check out our great prices on 2,500 other products including premium cigars, pipe tobacco and accessories.

Backwoods machine made cigars are made with the finest organic tobacco coupled with homogenized tobacco. These great machine made cigars are made by Altadida Corporation, the makers of premier cigar brands including Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. They know how to make great cigars and their machine made cigars line is no exception. Try a pack of the high value Backwoods machine made cigars in these delicious flavors: Honey, Wild n Mild, Berry, Dark Stout and their awesome Honey Bourbon flavored mild cigars. 

Three Fine Cigarette Rolling Machines

The new Top-O-Matic cigarette machine has a shorter spoon, a stainless steel chamber, a chamber reducer and a durable handle that will handle any cigarette production you throw at it.This cigarette machine will make king size as well as 100mm cigarettes.Also comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty from the manufacturer. Automate your RYO tobacco rolling with the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine and know it’s high value and we always have this model on sale for under $50 bucks. 

If you are looking for a high value electric cigarette machine that will let you whip out a pack of RYO tobacco cigarettes in just a few minutes then check out the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine: this baby cranks out RYO tobacco cigarettes fast, won’t break the tubes, it’s easy to clean, sticks to any table or surface well and it has a one year warranty (industry standard). 

The Gambler Manual Cigarette Machine is a low cost high value machine – this great machine makes King Size Cigarettes. You have to roll the tobacco manually; but, this manual cigarette machine is a lot better than trying to produce your smoke with your bare hands every day and it’s just over $30 bucks  – truly a low cost high value manual cigarette machine. 

Small plug for our newsletter to get information about tobacco for sale and don’t forget with over 2,500 products in our online tobacco store we have the largest and best selection of roll your own tobacco, premium cigars, machine made cigars, RYO tobacco accessories and smoke odor eating candles and sprays and don’t forget about brand name lighters too. But, tobacco for sale is our mantra!