Top 5 Alternative Uses for Rolling Papers

Top 5 Alternative Uses for Rolling Papers

Apart from lighting, rolling papers may be useful in many other ways. As such, they may offer you a cheaper and readily accessible alternative to many household items. In this article, we will discuss the top five alternative uses of rolling papers. 

Repairing Paper Items

Rolling paper can help you repair paper items like books, magazines, journals, and other reading items. It is a simple procedure that many may underestimate its usefulness. 

The process involves applying a little amount of glue on your rolling paper and sticking it to your torn pages. It instantly repairs the torn pages, making them appear as good as new. 

The only catch is to ensure that the color of the paper you use and that of the page you are repairing closely match. 

Playing the Guitar

Improvisation seems to have no limits. You can roll your paper thoroughly and use it as a guitar pick. It can help you produce unique and amazing sounds. 

You can also use the rolling paper box to slide your guitar into standard tuning. You only have to place it on the fretboard behind the strings. 

Cleaning Your Camera Lens

You can start to consider having a pack of rolling papers in your camera kit bag. They will help you clean your lenses and take that perfect shot. The practice has been in use for some time, and the rolling papers made from rice usually produce the best results.

Rice rolling papers usually have a fine texture, enabling them to leave no residue as you clean your camera. They also do not leave scratches or blemishes. 

You can also use rolling papers as flash diffusers. It works perfectly. You only need to fold it in half, place it over the flash and proceed to take your picture. You will have clear photos with softened light. The good thing is that it is unbelievably affordable.

To Absorb Moisture on Wind Instruments

Rolling paper’s absorbent properties can be put to use and help eliminate the moisture that accumulates on instruments like flutes. It helps the flute to maintain its sound.

Also, wind instrument players usually fold rolling paper and place it over their front or bottom teeth. Because the clarinet exerts a great deal of pressure on their lips, the folded rolling paper prevents their lips from being cut. 

Clearing Oily Skin

Generally, females could be aware of this function. Rolling paper can be used as a cheap alternative to cosmetics that take care of oily skin. Hemp, in particular, is very absorbent and can be used to clear greasy skin.

Hemp is a hypo-allergenic product and takes care of people with sensitive skin. It does not cause skin irritation or any allergic reactions. Their durability and ability to stay without breaking also make hemp a hygienic product. 

Final Word

Rolling papers have many other alternative uses. The ones contained in this article are just but a few. Regardless of the purpose, rolling paper will serve you to your satisfaction.