Top 5 RYO Tobacco Brands full of Flavor and Economically Priced

Top 5 RYO Tobacco Brands full of Flavor and Economically Priced

The veteran smokers know the importance of affordable RYO tobacco that is full of flavor. If this is not your first time at Windy City Cigar, you should already know we go for the best. We spend quality time to bring you the best in flavor and price from premium quality tobacco makers. In this discussion, we reviewed Top 5 RYO Tobacco Brands using full of Flavor and economically priced as a basis. We have more for your smoking pleasure if you would explore our rich store of premium tobacco.

4 Aces Gold 1lb Pipe Tobacco

Smoking is not only a past time; it is also a habit that needs nourishing. While food is essential to life, you need excellent and delicious food to get a good dose of eating. Similarly, smokers need the right and appealing tobacco to enjoy smoking. It must be such thinking that spurred the maker of 4 Aces Gold Tobacco to produce it!


The 4 Aces Gold Tobacco is a blend of natural pipe smoke for rich, satisfying, and full flavor taste. Under its belt, 4 Aces offer assorted high-quality flavors that give the smoker pleasing appeal. The well-refined, adequately moist and textured RYO tobacco is smokers delight and readily available is distinctive flavors. It is manufactured in North Carolina, USA, by RSB Tobacco, Inc.

Smoker Attractions

    Rich aroma

    Great tasting

    Nice mellow flavor

    Good quality

Bottom line

Every smoker needs nice and smooth tobacco to smoke. The 4 Aces Gold Tobacco offers you choices, whether it’s menthol or natural flavors. Windy City Cigar isn’t a place to find junk, and you know we take your health and satisfaction very important. Visit our 4 Aces to select your preferred flavor and smoke with pleasure!

752° Pipe Tobacco – 1lb – Gold

If you need a smoke with an unalloyed assurance of quality, I will recommend this from the top tobacco product maker OHM. Knowing the importance of personal flavor to a smoker, OHM spares no effort in giving you correct smoke choices.  The 752° tobacco brand comes in Gold and Bold flavors to satisfy your thirst for exotic smoke on budget.


Made by OHM, 752° tobacco offers undisputable smoke flavors that remain the pride of every smoker. For wholesome, satisfying tastes and uncompromising smoothness, 752° tobacco is budget-friendly and irresistible to veteran and starters in smoking.

Smoker Attractions

    Excellent and much better taste with great value

    Solid smoke that works any time

    Attractive and exceptional flavors

    Cheap and high-quality RYO tobacco

    Satisfying for daily use

Bottom line

752° tobacco is a great companion, whether at work or idle. The need for RYO is well compensated as every blend comes with a personal appeal of great and smooth flavor. This makes the perfect pipe tobacco for veteran and starter smokers who want something more than just a stick of cigarette. While not check the various blends at the Windy City Cigar store to buy with confidence?

Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16oz (Blue bag)

The Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco is a signature of high-quality tobacco brand with a budget appeal. The authority in tobacco making knows the importance of affordable RYO tobacco because you always need the right company. You will find your choice if you check Cherokee for your favorite flavor. Smokers still prefer the Cherokee brand because it comes with quality emblem and never disappoints!


The Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16 oz is smoother, more tastefully made compared to its standard cousins. It offers a strong taste but not overpowering feel, thanks to its mixture of Black Cavendish and Green River tobaccos. This brand of Cherokee pipe tobacco is a medium-bodied blend that offers undiluted enjoyment. Cherokee is an excellent RYO brand produced by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Smoker Attractions

    Slight vanilla aroma for aromatizing taste

    Always fresh and well moistened

    Remarkably smooth and extremely pleasant to smoke

    Variety of different flavors and bodies

    Not overpowering strong taste

Bottom line

For smokers who want great smoke that is affordable without compromise in quality, Cherokee is the brand for you. Check the various blends including the Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco with the blue bag at Windy City Cigar store now. It’s a guarantee you won’t regret your decision to go with Cherokee RYO!

Criss Cross Tobacco 16oz Bag (Smooth)

For smooth and well-flavored taste, the Criss Cross Pipe RYO Tobacco is a notable champion. If you find other brands of smoke harsh and uninviting, it’s time to try this brand. The best part is the affordable price, which combines two essential features every smoker wants. Why robbing the bank when you can own it? Yes, buy the smoke that enables more savings and provides valued enjoyment.


The Criss-Cross Pipe tobacco gives you full-bodied RYO smoke without compromising on quality. The smoothness in smoking is exceptional while covering up for your economics. This RYO tobacco brand contains softer Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves imbued with mild strength that ignites every smoker’s passion. This is a smoke-it-anywhere smoke because it does not leave an offensive odor in your trail. Criss Cross Pipe RYO tobacco is to give you maximum smoking pleasure with a feeling of satisfaction. The Criss Cross Pipe tobacco manufactured SX Brands in the USA continues to astound competition with ultra-high-quality brands of exotic, yet affordable smokes.

Smoker Attractions

    A smooth, mellow tasting tobacco

    Easy to get

    Ultra high-quality products

    Nonaromatic goodness

    Very mild in strength

Bottom line

Criss Cross Smooth is best tobaccos and sold everywhere! This RYO brand is made to deliver a smooth, mellow tasting with the aromatic flavor of great and affordable smoke. You can join the wagon of happy and elated Criss Cross RYO enthusiast today by becoming the next patron at our store at Windy City Cigar.

D&R Tobacco Three Sails – 16 oz Bag

This is the last and not the least of our review of highly valued RYO Tobacco Brands. There are other full of Flavor and Economically Priced brands you can find at Windy City Cigar. The D&R Tobacco Three Sails RYO tobacco is the best smoke money can buy. This tobacco is a semblance of exotic tobacco offered at a ridiculous price to give smokers the real feel of quality and affordability.


It comes in 16 oz resealable, easy to use the bag to deliver a pure luxury for the money. What more is required in a full-bodied, British style Virginia pipe tobacco blend, with extra fine shag cut. This quality personified RYO tobacco is aromatizing and pleasing in appearance. For those wishing for more satisfying and economical RYO tobacco, this is a prayer answered!

Smoker Attractions


    A luxury brand

    Great aroma, wonderful appearance

    Satisfying flavor and aroma

    Best pipe tobaccos money can buy

Bottom line

When you need a great RYO tobacco and affordability match, the D&R Tobacco Three Sails brand is most recommended. You can check the various flavors at Windy City Cigar RYO tobacco sales page here and buy with confidence!