Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

When you have the passion for what you do, you won’t mind going the extra mile to show the world you mean business. It is for this reason the exceptional cigarette smokers put their money where their mouth is through RYO experience in cigarette smoking. There are handsome benefits you will get from rolling your own cigarettes including cost saving from expensive brands. The question is, why spending extra on a branded cigarette when you can make it yourself and keep the money for other important things?

RYO, also known as roll your own cigarette, is a do it yourself process to make the cigarettes you are to smoke. The process is simplified by using a specially made RYO machine a type which Top-O-Matic represents. This process involves having your cigarette making machine, your preferred brand of tobacco and your cigarette tubes. And with the device, you can start making your cigarettes in seconds. For the smart smokers, you can get your specially blended tobacco and roll for your friends and neighbors too! If you are new to cigarette smoking, one of the secrets you will learn going forward is how to roll your own cigarettes using premium quality tobacco blends to achieve the same stick at a lesser cost. With the Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine you are as good as a cigarette company producing for yourself and sometimes for your folks. The great thing in using this technique is that you are in control!

About Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

It is a premium quality, heavy duty cigarette rolling machine that makes a king size, long (100mm) and short (84mm) sizes cigarette sticks at your convenience. The cigarette maker weighs 3.86 pounds and versatile in the cigarette making process. The machine is robust and well built to roll and inject cigarettes like a pro smartly. It is built with a lever injection action with an adjustable control that ensures a smooth operation. The design is simple to use for experienced and newbie. It includes an integrated cam that works efficiently once you fill up the chamber with your preferred tobacco blend. Just insert your cigarette tube in the space provided and inject the rolled tobacco in a few seconds. The tube is simple to fill consistently as compared to other types of cigarettes machine which leave a hole in your stick making it difficult to drag as you smoke. The construction is simple and quite portable which is so easy to move around to the place where it’s convenient for you to roll your cigarette. It is the world’s most robust cigarette making machine for making cigarette in convenient ways.


  • Heavy Duty Metal
  • Shorter spoon
  • Makes king size and 100mm cigarettes
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Chamber reducer and handle
  • Easy To Use
  • One Year One-Time Limited Warranty


  • The unit is manually operated; you can RYO anywhere at any time.
  • Cigarettes at a Time. It allows you to produce one smoke at a time for quality control.
  • Power Source. It is user hand-held operation using Elbow grease.
  • It comes with a Slide lever to operate the machine manually.
  • Loading Mechanism. You will in the refill tobacco by sliding it in the space provided and also Slide-on to inject the filling into the waiting tube on the side.
  • Cigarette Types. The machine can produce three sizes including Kings, 84mm and 100mm sticks.
  • The operation is mechanical and completely quiet.


How to use Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

The machine is ergonomically designed with a chamber reducer to make it easier to roll your own cigarettes. The device is constructed to use the regular filtered tubes with adjustable switch making is adaptable for tobacco rolling and filtered tube tobacco injection.

You can RYO in four steps as described below:

  1. Position Crank Arm in starting location and slide cigarette tube onto nozzle on the side.
  2. Remove the Size Adjustment Plate For 100MM size.
  3. Pack tobacco in the chamber uniformly, starting from corners. Do not overload the chamber and ensure you fill in very fine-cut, very dry and very moist tobacco.
  4. Hold and rotate the Crank Arm (lever) clockwise in a smooth continuous movement. Do not force the gear if jammed! Stop, clean up the RYO machine and start again. Otherwise, collect your cigarette and repeat the process for more sticks.

Top-O-Matic is quite efficient and fast when it comes to rolling cigarettes. You can quickly get spring replacement for the machine if you ever need one. It is lightweight which make it portable to move to a comfortable place to RYO.


  • It easy to clean
  • Durable
  • It has a simple process, easy to use
  • Smooth turning
  • Reliable


  • Watch out for jams, but this does not affect its versatility

Why you should roll your own cigarette

Most smokers RYO for many purposes, one of them is to save tons of money compared to buying branded cigarettes. When you roll your own, you are sure of the quantity; this ensures that the rolled content is what you want.

RYO Benefits

  • You know what’s in them. Among the most significant benefits of RYO smokes is that since you roll them yourself, there’s no mystery as to what’s going inside.
  • More Affordable. In comparison, Commercial cigarettes can be expensive, especially the more you smoke.
  • Promote Weight Loss. Nicotine in Tobacco suppresses appetite and weakens smoker’s desire to eat. Research has shown that smokers are leaner than non-smokers because of this fact.
  • Smoke Less. Due to time and effort to RYO your smokes, there is the tendency to consume fewer cigarettes compared to buying the branded ones.
  • The RYO methods are attractive in some places especially in the US where smokers are increasingly developing the economic skills to maximize their hard-earned money.

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