Top Selling Manual and Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

There are a ton of manual and electric cigarette rolling machines to choose from today. As pipe tobacco products have exploded in popularity manufacturers have rushed to get cigarette rolling machines to the market to take advantage of the growth. 

Let’s talk about features you should be assessing when you think about what top selling electric cigarette machine you should be aware of: mechanical functions primarily. 

This is very/very basic but the volume of your consumption is the number one issue you should be aware of when making a selection. If your pipe tobacco consumption is just 5-10 roll your own cigarettes per day a manual machine will suffice.

Manual versus Electric Cigarette Machine Issues

  • How many cigarettes or roll your own products are you making per day?
  • How fast do you want to produce a cigarette from pipe tobacco?
  • Is your lifestyle pretty fixed in one spot or home; or, are you an on the go smoke; i.e. do you want a machine you can move around easily?
  • Budget issues: you can get a good product that is either manual or electric for under a hundred bucks.
  • Manual cigarette rolling machines come in two types: portable and table top versions.
  • Most electric cigarette rolling machines make a King or 100’s size cigarette, so you cigarette production has to be more specific; but most manual cigarette machines make King size, 100’s or both King and 100 sizes.

Three Great Selling Cigarette Machines 

The PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-O-Matic comes with a sturdy travel case for portability, runs on either 120v AC power, utilizes a standard spoon fed meth to inject King Size Cigarettes tubes with pipe tobacco.

We have sold thousands of the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette machine the last ten years: it works as advertised and it’s popular for good reasons: durable, low cost and should last you 3-5 years at a minimum. It won’t break your tubes during the production process, it’s easy to clean and move around. Hence: it’s making our short list of top selling manual and electric cigarette machines.

If you are looking to produce higher amounts of pipe tobacco this electric cigarette machine will rock your world; great for folks who are smoking a pack or more of cigarettes per day.

Swift King Size Manual cigarette machine sells for twenty bucks and if you are smoking more than a half dozen of hand rolled cigarettes per day we’d highly recommend throwing this machine into your next order. It makes king size cigarettes, it’s very affordable, holds well, light, durable and easy to clean. 

The Mikromatic Cigarette Machine by Top-o-Matic

The Mikromatic Cigarette Machine by Top-o-Matic is a high quality cigarette machine that consistently helps you make RYO King Size cigarettes using pipe tobacco. Top-o-Matic has been making great products for ten years, known for their aggressive pricing and durable products. 

And, this baby sells for under $50 bucks and it’s snazzy looking, very easy to clean, stands up to heavy beating like a Sherman Tank and it consistently garners great reviews here on our site. Highly recommended and it’s a top selling manual cigarette machine for good reason.

Other Top Selling Manual and Electric Cigarette Machines 

Gambler 100mm King Size Cigarette Injector: this economical machine sells for under ten bucks and it’s made by the same people who make Gambler Pipe Tobacco, one of the best pipe tobacco manufacturers known for making a good tasting products at economical prices. The Gambler Cigarette machine should be on any list of top selling manual and electric cigarette machines.

Premier Excel Cigarette Injector Machine: this manual cigarette machine sells for under $50, it’s modern, sleek looking, has an anti slip grip bottom, comes with an industry standard warranty and we can get this in your hands typically in under 48 hours. 

Shargio Cigarette Injector Machine Deluxe Roller: another economical priced injector style cigarette machine that sells for under five dollars and it’s guaranteed to make your cigarette rolling process much easier than trying to roll a smoke by hand.

Swift Portable King Size Cigarette Machine: we sell this for $15 and it you are a King Size cigarette smoker this is one of the best machines on the market, low cost, well made and durable. 

That’s a brief review of top selling manual and electric cigarette machines.