Trump At It Again – Now Wants To Undo Travel and Business With Cuba

Well our wonderful President Trump is at it again. He now wants to reverse the Obama Administrations lifting of the travel ban with Cuba and restrict travel to and from our Island neighbor. Trump also wants to stop all US companies from doing business with the Cuban government.

Of course no plan was laid out, so we’re unclear on exactly what kind of changes will happen, but Trump is supposed to announce more on this during his upcoming visit to Miami, Florida.

These changes were initially prepared last February, but because of ‘other’ issues they haven’t unleashed their plans on the U.S.. This news of Trump reversing progress with Cuba was not a shock as Trump himself said on the campaign trail, “We will cancel Obama’s one-sided Cuban deal, made by executive order, if we do not get the deal that we want and the deal that people living in Cuba and here deserve, including protecting religious and political freedom…”

Of course the one being hurt by this insane reversal most are cigar lovers of the United States and World. Cigar lovers around the world have waited years to lift the ban on Cuban cigars, but don’t be surprised if somehow Trump works out a deal to get his own ‘Cuban’ cigars sent to him anyway.

It was the Obama Administration that started allowing travelers to legally bring back from Cuba up to $100 of booze or cigars per day. Well if Trump has his way you can kiss your Cuban cigars goodbye and all this when there couldn’t be a better time to strengthen our relationship with Cuba. This all coming on the heels of the death of Castro and the re-establishment of the US Embassy in Havana in 2014.

Under Trump there would be no more visiting Cuba and no more bringing back up to $800 of Cuban cigars every 31 days. Selling, importing and shipping cigars from Cuba is still illegal, but buying them in person and taking them home was not. No more authentic Montecristo cigars and all thanks to Trump.

While this reversal by Trump will appease his loyal followers it’s not particularly popular among Washington politicians. Just last week, 55 out of the 100 U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill introduced a bill that would ‘remove’ all restrictions and traveling to Cuba, thus making it easier to smoke those awesome stogies. So rest easy cigar lovers, its just Trump at it again and no matter what this buffoon tries to do it won’t work anyway.


Greg Elam – Senior SEO Specialist

Content Writer – Windy City Cigars