Two Premium Cigars for RYO Lifestyle Folks

We get asked by pipe tobacco smokers and RYO folks what premium cigars should be on their short list. Ignoring price and humidor capabilities here are two stellar premium cigars that make our short list. 

We hear about these two key cigar brands all of the time, both are popular with RYO customers, affordable, well made cigars with great reviews on our site and via Yelp.

The Flavor Packed but Mild Tasting Romeo & Julieta Premium Cigar

The Romeo y Julieta Cigar Reserve Sampler is a great place to start; you get 5 Toro Premium Cigars and a cool flask for just over $30 – a great place to embrace cigars as an offset to RYO smoking.

A little history on this cigar: since the late 1800’s Romeo y Julieta Cigars have been resonating with cigar smokers around the globe. Back in the day (early 1900’s) Winston Churchill helped to lift this brand of cigars from cult status to wildly popular and this cigar brand has never looked back 

Today Romeo y Julieta is known for honoring it’s Cuban heritage, creating cigars that smoke evenly, with a taste that’s mild and not too heavy. In fact the Romeo y Julieta cigar taste is characterized with a mild to medium taste, making it a great cigar for taking a deep dive into cigar smoking. 

The company is based in the Dominican Republic and it was nationalized by the Cuban Government along with the rest of the industry when Castro came to power. But, now that relations with Cuba have improved and the embargo has been lifted the company will at some point move back to Cuba. 

Let’s be totally honest, this is a premium cigar typically costing $4-6 per cigar and you have about 20 different types of flavors to choose from. But in a very general sense, you are getting a great cigar that leans toward the mild side but with enough character and strength to satisfy your taste buds.

Acid Cigars Have a Rich Tradition of Making a Great Product

Acid Cigars are another popular brand of cigars; founded by Jonathan Drew (Drew Estates) Acid Cigars are know for making an affordable great tasting cigar, using premium whole leaf, long filler Nicaraguan tobacco that provides a great tasting cigar. For flavored cigars, they are known for infusing their cigars using organic or high quality materials that enhance the nature tobacco taste of the cigar and for a wide variety of tastes and shapes. 

You have lots of choices when you are considering Acid Cigars, they make a wide variety with the Adam Robusto with a rich oily wrapper that gives you a full bodied taste to the Blondie Belicoso which has a flavored taste of honey and cream and uses a Connecticut shade wrapper. 

Acid Cigars are made with great attention to detail, the cigars are made in tobacco curing areas known as “cuarto aromoaticos” (aroma rooms) for 2-6 months and each room is lined with over a hundred different types of herbs, oils and even botanical aromas. 

These are high end premium hand made cigars and a great cigar for starting a taste journey with cigars.This is not a mass market low cost cigar – it’s a high end cigar and typically priced at $150 or more for a box of twelve cigars.

This is just a blog post; please click into our web site using the embedded links from earlier in the blog and you may also want to check out our Premium Cigar Category which lists about 50-75 top tier brands of premium cigars. 

Check out this Short Tutorial on How to Pick Out a Premium Cigar: it’s brief and to the point.