Types of Cigar Cutters

Buying the right cigars can be an intimidating task and also buying cigar accessories is even more daunting. Cigar shops these days store a variety of cigars like Cheyenne Filtered Cigars and Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars and many more. They also sell accessories like cigar cutters. In this article, we will gain some more insight on various cigar cuts and cutters. Cigar cutters are usually utilized to penetrate or remove the cigar’s cap before you start to smoke it. Basically there are three kinds of cuts, V cut (or wedge cut), the hole punch and the straight cut. One more style of cut was launched in the year 2011 known as the multiple slit cut or “Shuriken”. What kind of cut to make completely depends on your personal inclination, the kind of filler tobacco contained in the cigar and the shape or size of the cigar. Cigar smokers who have the experience in smoking might not make the same cut at all times or utilize the same type of cutter. The most common type of cut is the straight cut and is preferred all the time for thin cigars (cigars that have a small ring gauge).

Straight Cigar Cutters

The principal kind of cutter that is utilized to create straight cuts is the guillotine with a single blade. Guillotine with a double blade is favored by numerous cigar fans as it more often makes a neater cut. Another thing that can be utilized to make straight cuts is Cigar scissors. This could be the best option for cutting cigars at the precise point you expect. Nevertheless, guillotines are normally the least expensive and most practical. Moreover, they can be safely and easily kept in the pocket of your trousers or shirt.

Hole Punch

A hole punch is utilized to make a hole in the cigar’s cap, as an alternative to cutting the cap off. In case if the hole is not adequately large for the cigar, then the inducement of the smoke due to the cigar can be obstructed. In addition, while the cigar is being smoked, tar can pile up close to the hole, which also has an effect on the taste and also the draw. One tip you can follow is that whenever a cutter is not available, or to test a hole punch on a cigar without purchasing a hole punch tool, a hole cut in a cigar could be made with the help of a pencil or pen.

Wedge Cutter

The “V” cutter or wedge cutter looks a lot like a guillotine cutter, other than the blade’s forms a wedge in the cigar’s cap as opposed to completely cutting it off. The wedge cutter is designed in such a way that the cigar can be cut from one side with the same deepness, and as a result there will be no risk of cutting very deeply.

Shuriken Cutter

This cutter, that resemble a huge capsule, has 6 very sharp blades within the cutter and cut slashes around the cigar’s top. This advanced latest technology was presented during the year 2011 and works particularly properly with mixed or short filler cigars.

Now you have some knowledge about cutters, you can buy a cigar sampler initially such as Rocky Patel Edge Cigar Sampler and do not forget to purchase a cigar cutter.

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