What are the differences between cigars and cigarettes?

When we sit down to the differences between cigars and cigarettes, there are a number of points that can be jotted down. Both the products are consumed with an aim of taking pleasure out of it. Greater the amount of nicotine, greater will be the level of pleasure. A Cigarette is nothing but a small roll of paper containing tobacco and is puffed most commonly. While cigars are smoked occasionally. It is very easy to purchase a cigarette from any local shop but it is quite difficult to find cigars at some local shop due to its high price.

Now a days, cigars are made available in different flavors which adds to the pleasure of a smoker. Flavored cigars are mostly preferred by female smokers as it enhances their class and stimulates the essence of tobacco. It is advisable to buy cigars only from cigars shop as it will help a buyer select the best out of available. Cigar shops provide a wide range of cigars in different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. In fact, cigars are now available in bulk i.e. in order to make it affordable for a common man producers have introduced a new trend in the market of selling cheap cigar bundles.

The overall cost of wrapping, packing, designing of a cigar box increases the price of the cigar whereas when cigars are sold in bundles, the overall cost reduces to an affordable price. In olden days, cigars were smoked only by sophisticated people during some special event. These days it has become very common to see every second person puffing a cigarette leading to creating a bad impression on the third person’s mind who is a non-smoker. There is no major difference both cigar and cigarette contain tobacco but a cigar is made using a tobacco leaf or any material which is a result of tobacco and vice versa.

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