What Qualities do Premium Cigars Have?

The unique trait about Premium Cigars is that they have a superior aroma, look, preparation and taste. A lot of energy is required while making a first-class cigar and this validates its reputation and cost. The most skilled and experienced cigar rollers only are assigned with this task, as they are the only ones who have the knowledge of making cigars burn at the right pace and smoothly too. The finest cigars, for example Davidoff Cigars are rolled with fillers that are long all the time and these fillers are made solely from whole leaves and are used throughout the entire cigar. The leaves are required to be delicately picked and gently handled. Also, they have to be stored immaculately and aged together. Actually, aging is the most significant section of this practice. Premium tobacco requires time for treatment and create really outstanding quality. In majority of the cases, long filler is selected from only one country, like Costa Rica or Honduras. This makes certain that the all the cigars in a particular box stay uniform.

Another characteristic of premium cigars e.g. Punch Cigars is the wrappers. The wrappers that are used in premium cigars have distinguishing and unique characteristics. The top wrappers do not have evident veins on leaves and do not have any stain of any type. To create a top quality wrapper, the process is aging is the key here. It is the aging procedure that establishes its shade and color. Basically, there are 3 main wrapper shades that are usually used in rolling premium cigars: Firstly, there is Double Claro which is also acknowledged as the Candela. The color of this wrapper is greenish-yellowish and thought to have a sharp aroma and mild flavor. The next shade is Natural, also recognized as EMS (English Market Select). The color of this wrapper is light or medium brown. Its aroma is more relaxed and its taste is rounded. The EMS is the most prevalent finest wrapper. Finally there is the Maduro shade. The color of this wrapper is the darkest and nearly mahogany. The aroma and flavor of this shade is the richest among the three. All the premium cigars bear an exclusive and a very desirable flavor. Veteran smokers are able to say that the finest tobaccos are identifiable with rapid scent or puff in air. Moreover, all the cigars have surplus, more delicate flavors identified as overtones that are a consequence of additives that enter in both the wrappers and fillers.

The most popular flavors are grass, woods, almond, nut, earth, cooking spices, coffee, berry, toast, leather and pepper. Each of these flavors are aromatic connotations that most of the cigar smokers love.  A first-class cigar’s aroma is also due to the additives. Familiar aromas are whisky, chocolate, orange, coffee, cherry and apple. To preserve both the aroma and taste, it is compulsory that any cigar be it OHM Cigars or others should be humidified well in a humidor to safeguard them. Generally, lighter wrappers have milder flavors and also lesser traces. Wrappers that are dark in color have rich flavors. However this should not be considered as a rule.




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