Which Cigars are Better: Bigger or Smaller?

Probably by now you have developed a liking for a particular cigar and also have got cigar deals on them. But have you ever wondered whether bigger cigars are really better than smaller cigars? Let us explore more on this topic. This question is asked over and over again by cigar smokers. You might have observed an invasion of bigger cigars with large ring gauges of sixty and above available in the market. Certain people might as well call this just a trend. In any case whether or not larger cigars are just a craze or not, the fact is they are here, and many persons are smoking these cigars for a good reason. So what is so attractive about a larger cigar? Well, let us understand this here at this instant. Cigar smoking is perceived as something refined, therefore why should one not smoke a cigar that is thicker and bigger? Some people do think this is a small-minded reason, but there are many individuals who defend selections like this. It is just the visual allure and what else? There are certain people who say that a bigger ring gauge presents more intricacy in terms of flavor. The reason for this is these cigars can mount more tobacco within. The more that tobacco put inside and the different selection, the added flavors you will get. Actually, this looks like it would be rationally right, however not every person believes in the same manner.

A lot of smokers believe that the wrapper of the cigar and not the filler is the center of the flavor. The wrapper is actually where you get value for the money spent. Therefore, just for the reason that a cigar can have more filler, this does not denote that it will really give more flavor. Again, on the subject of extra filler, it is further being thought that the thicker stogies are filled with extra filler. To say it in a different way, less popular tobacco is added to the cigar to make it full. Therefore, does a thick cigar denotes more flavor? It actually depends on person to person. If you ask those who favor thinner and the usual types, they will say that they get more flavor from through slender stogies because of a better filler to wrapper ratio. Thinner stogies let them appraise the wrapper flavor.

Now let us come to the smoking experience. Thinner cigars are perceived to burn hot unlike thicker ones that are thought to burn cooler. They are also thought to burn for a longer period and give off more smoke. Therefore, these factors are really important. Find out those aspects that are in support of thicker ring gauge smokes. Now coming to prices, do big ring stogies are very expensive? Most of the times it evens out. Once more, the wrapper is thought to be the most flavorful portion of a stogie and not filler. Therefore, wrappers influence the price of a cigar. You could try cigar samplers initially and if you are not satisfied with it, then you could go for your preferred cigars say the filtered cigars.

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