Why Cigar Tubes are a Must Have Accessory for any On the Go Premium Cigar Smoker

Why Cigar Tubes are Must Have Accessory for Premium Cigar Somkers

Everybody has a phone in his or her hands in this always on connected digital world. But, only the really cool folks have a cigar tube slipped into their jacket, bag or purse – every other accessory pales in comparison.

Think of cigar tubes as mini on the go cigar humidors, coming in different sizes and shapes, but the most popular type is a single tube that holds your fav stick.

You can find them made out of just abut any type of material: stainless steel, wood, glass and even space age plastic that will keep your stick fresh for 3-5 days while traveling, or on the go.

A fine premium cigar is just like a fine wine, it’s organic and sensitive to an environment around it and should be stored and carried around in a way that helps to preserve its flavor with controlled temperature and moisture.

If you leave a cigar “out” in a heated or air conditioned room a great cigar can dry out and wither on the vine like a delicate flour in as little as a couple of hours. As many of you know a properly stored humidor can maintain a cigar for years – a cigar tube can’t match this time element but it’s a great complement to a humidor.

Why you should Bite the Bullet and Get a Great Cigar Tube

You’ve spent serious money on a great cigar and you want to keep it fresh, secure and ready to go when you are read to fire it up.

You want to protect a cigar, keep it from being crushed and a case will also protect the fragile wrapper from being cracked. If you’re serious about enjoying a great cigar you need a cigar tube.

Premium Cigar Smokers Need a Great Cigart Tube

What You Need to Know about Storing a Cigar in a Tube

It’s a personal choice whether or not to leave the cellophane wrapper or sleeve before putting a stick in cigar tube. If it’s just less than 24 hours you are probably fine leaving it in the tube; but for longer periods get rid of the wrapper.

Does “the old” sealed plastic baggie with a damp towel method work in a pinch if you don’t have a case? Well, yes it does; but, it’s not recommended unless you are living in a Walking Dead world where things are really/really tough. Do yourself a favor and get a tube; your experience will be the better for it.

A cigar tube really functions as a temporary storage device – you can find tubes with cedar lining which boarder on the too exotic in our opinion and BTW these can impart a cedar odor if your cigar has been stored in it too long.

Go with a multiple tube cigar holder or not? The easy answer is it depends on how much you travel and what your anticipated consumption needs are.

You can find cigar tubes that hold multiple cigars, storing them all together, or individually. We recommend the latter, especially if you are transporting different types of cigars. #commonsense

What can you expect to pay for a good cigar tube. We sell high quality cigar tubes at under $25. SRP but you can find exotic cigar tubes into the $85 range for a customized cigar tube manufacturer like Lake Lanier Premium Cigar Pens, made with exotic woods, gemstones, acrylics or even buffalo horn, if you want to impress friends and family.

If you travel frequently and outside the United States you may want to buy a compact travel humidor. These are small enough to slip into a briefcase or a small bag with your carry on luggage. And “tubes” cigars pre-packed in tubes can be used as an alternative to storing your “regular” cigars.