Why Pipe Tobacco Smokers & RYO Lifestyle Folks Cringe

You’ve embraced the RYO lifestyle and you occasionally fire up a premium cigar and you get tired of those disapproving looks from others not in the club. 

Well this post is for you: fire up your manual cigarette machine, bulk up with flavored pipe tobacco and go forth into life holding your head high. 

Hold Your Head High and Let Your Pipe Smokers Freak Flag Fly 

In our world every bozo stopping in front of you to throw up an Instagram text or break up with their Bae of the moment via text gets respect. But it’s a different world for pipe smokers and those who have spent $2-30 bucks for premium cigar or RYO pipe smokers who have cooked up a blend at home. 

We don’t advocate blowing smoke in the disgruntled faces of others. But, you don’t need to hide out in a cave in the mountains either. And, truth be told, cigar smokers and RYO enthusiasts have a lot in common. 

Both groups enjoy the sensual taste of tobacco flowing over the taste buds; some with a stick bought locally or online and just like our former president, Bill Clinton many don’t inhale the cigar. For pipe tobacco smokers, it’s another story on the inhalation factor. 

But, using either product, as long as it’s done with a nod of the head to others is fine. Your consuming products that are grown and manufactured by people who make a living in the industry. Your voting with your pocketbook and thank you for doing so. 

Brothers and Sisters of the Pipe Belong to the Club Too 

If you are firing up a cigarette made with some fine Gambler Pipe Tobacco or our very own OHM Au Naturalle tobacco you are not alone. Pipe smokers are in the club too – the Romans and even the Mayans used pipes to smoke tobacco thousands of years ago and the citizens of the Islands (Great Britain) coined the phrase: “drinking smoke.” 

Drinking smoke back in these times meant rolling your own tobacco, smoking it with a pipe, chewing it as snuff and many other forms. 

Fast forward to today, you’ll find many pipe smokers also fire up an occasional premium cigar or cigarillo and some embrace the brotherhood and sisterhood of pipe tobacco. 

For good reason, you’ll find pipe smokers featured in movies and television over the years as philosophers, intellectuals (some times snobs unfortunately) and avid outdoors men/women. Like pipe tobacco smokers, cigar aficionados, pipe smokers should not be eliciting looks of disdain form the general population. The last time we checked, pipe smokers, RYO tobacco smokers and cigar lovers are not on any “watch lists” for know criminal activity. 

Roll Your Own Types Can Spread Joy using a Few Consumer Friendly Items 

Okay, you’re smoking that stick in the living room after the big meal with the relatives from both sides of the family. Think about smoke eating candles, open doors or even smoke eliminating sprays. These will help you win friends and influence people as never before. 

And, just to let you know, we sell a full line of smoke odor exterminator candles which do work well. Just check the site and you’ll find tons of positive reviews. 

Finally, if you are a RYO lifestyle lover and you are on the fence about manual or electric cigarette machines check our our under 60 second cigarette machine reviews below. 

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