Why We Recommend Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco

The ubiquitous American commerce symbol, the tobacco farm is gradually fading from view. But, luckily brands like Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco are driving tobacco consumption. And, let’s be honest burley tobacco grown in Kentucky is the “go to tobacco plant” used in many popular brands of pipe tobacco including Kentucky Select. 

Our Kentucky Select Tobacco Review 

First and foremost there is no substitute for customer input. This pipe tobacco is consistently well ranked by our customers and if you check specific pages where Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco is reviewed and listed the on page reviews are always good for this product. Which is one of the reasons why we recommend Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco to our customers.

zippo for lighting pipe tobacco like Kentucky Select

Here’s why Kentucky Select is a Consistent Good Seller and Should be on your Short List

Lower quality brands cut corners when they source tobacco. Kentucky Select uses high grade tobacco leaf, that’s been stored properly through every step of the supply chain. 

It ages well – that’s not to say it’s going to last years; but it will stay moist in the bag for 8-12 weeks if you store it properly 

It burns well; lower grade pipe tobaccos just don’t burn smoothly and evenly. Like a cheap cigar, they just don’t burn evenly and a true tobacco enthusiast will tell you the same thing. 

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is not the cheapest brand on the marketplace. You can find cheaper products at your local convenience store. But, you get what you pay for to a certain extent with pipe tobacco and Kentucky Select is a good quality product that’s price aggressively. 

Kentucky Select uses Burley tobacco – it’s an air cured tobacco leaf product that imparts a lighter taste to a RYO cigarette. 

kentucky select pipe tobacco review

Primary Types of Tobacco used by Kentucky Select and other Pipe Tobacco Vendors

Burley is the second most popular type of pipe tobacco grown and used around the world, the name refers to how the tobacco is processed, it’s air cured in open barns, helping to give it a unique taste. Unlike other types of pipe tobacco, it’s not processed in enclosed barns with minimal air flow.

Virginia, is a classic tobacco that’s been grown in the U.S. since the pre revolutionary days, know for a mild somewhat sweet taste and if the tobacco leaf has been properly grown, stored and processed, it’s one of the best  sources in the world and approximately 70% of pipe tobacco comes from the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Many thank Cavendish is another type of pipe tobacco, it is not. “Cavendish” really refers to how the actual tobacco leaf is processed. It’s a type of Virginia tobacco that has been cut (the actual leaf) to accentuate the qualities of the inherent sweetness in the leaf. It has to be done by people who know what they are doing and some swear it is the finest tobacco in the world.

Spice is another populsty term bandied about when people reference pipe tobacco and its origins; like Cavendish, it is not a specific type of tobacco – the term refers to 2-3 types of tobacco that have been blended to create a special one of a kind somewhat customized taste.

To summarize, Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco is for good reason one of the most pipe tobacco products in the world; well made, smokes great, aggressively priced and always rated well by our customers.Try it……we always recommend Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco!!