Why You Should Try Flavored Cigars

All this time you might be enjoying your favorite smoke and someone out of the blue recommends you try flavored smokes and you wonder if they do exist and if they do, whether you should take the plunge to try them. Nevertheless, flavored cigars do exist for sure. We will discuss on a number of the various flavors you will come across while hunting for cigars. There are several expert cigar smokers who appear to make fun of at the notion of even illuminating flavored cigars. What’s more some cigar enthusiasts can go to the extent of saying the flavored cigars are actually not cigars in any way! Even though they do not fascinate to each kind of cigar smoker, these cigars are liked by a certain segment of cigar smokers who vouch for these cigars. People often perceive flavored stogies as being machine made which are not acceptable in the highest social class. But this is not true. There are a large number of handmade first-class flavored smokes available in the cigar store that are crafted by some very great names in the cigar industry.

If you are still wondering why you should try flavored cigars, then read on. A flavored stogie could be a good choice for a new cigar smoker who has not discovered a real cigar’s flavor yet. A novice could find the regular first-class cigars to be unfamiliar and a little bit unappealing, therefore trying out flavored smokes could comfort them. Certain people say that newbie smokers must not smoke flavored stogies, however, yet again, this should be more of a final resort to make them quit completely. In contrast, experienced cigars would feel like trying flavored smokes just to get a different smoking experience. However, this quite unusual.  

One more reason, you should be trying flavored cigars is the cost. You will find a lot of flavored stogies that are reasonably priced that is certainly an aspect that several smokers take into account while searching some new cigars to stock their humidors. You will find several varieties of flavors in various stores. Some of the famous ones are Coffee, Chocolate, Irish Whiskey, Amaretto, Blackberry, Caramel, Cappuccino, Cognac, Grape, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Mocha, Raspberry, Vanilla, Rum and many more. So buyers are spoilt for choice while selecting a flavor as you can see. Probably, you should try a number of them before settling on one. There is also no dearth of flavored stogies available in cigar shops.

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