You Want Great RYO Tobacco Taste? Buy Great Cigarette Tubes and Filters

Back in the ancient days circa 1800’s here in the U.S. if you were smoking tobacco most of the time you were using a pipe. Deluxe cigarette tubes and filters were not on the horizon unless you counted smoking a cigarette and stuff a cloth between your mouth and the cigarette. #LOL 

In fact back in the day folks were rolling cigarettes using anything in the house: newspapers (cough, cough) that had been read and passed around, regular paper they scavenged around the neighborhood, bark off of trees (yes: Google it) and just about anything that came to mind. 

It was the wild west days just about anywhere a rolling tobacco smoker needed to grab something to roll a cigarette with. Smoking RYO tobacco was not always a great tasting experience. 

Fast forward to today and if you are a rolling tobacco smoker your choices are just about infinite when it comes to getting great tasting cigarette tubes and papers And, if you are using a manual or electric cigarette rolling machine it’s drop dead simple using cigarette tubes. 

Throw your RYO tobacco into the machine put a cigarette tube on the end of the filler tube and you are good to go. And, you can get cigarette tubes in just about any size imaginable: standard rolling size, 100’s and King Size and with High Density Filters if you are looking for a very filtered smoke.

Cigarette Tubes Come in These Great Flavors

If your taste buds are craving a taste that’s out of the unusual and/or you’ve flavored your own rolling tobacco at home you can combine a great tasting cigarette tube that’s going to improve the taste or if you are the creative type mix/match an unusual tasting cigarette tube with your “blueberry homemade tobacco.” 

  • Get Cigarette Papers in these Lip Smacking Flavors
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry 
  • Jam
  • Candy
  • Kiwi
  • Cotton Candy
  • Honey
  • Chocolate (for the inner chocaholic)
  • Rum 
  • Whiskey
  • Green Apple
  • Absinthe 

How to Whip Up Your own Flavored Pipe Tobacco in the Kitchen or Penthouse

Today you can let your imagination run wild when you are thinking about cooking up a custom home brew of pipe tobacco at home – really, if you have some booze laying around the house or you want to use a spice out of the spice cabinet or even use a piece or two of fruit laying around the kitchen. Let your imagination run wild. 

Here are the Tactical Steps to Brewing Your Own Rolling Tobacco at Home 

First get good grade pipe tobacco that’s not stale and fresh. Some think you can use any pipe tobacco and if it’s a bit on the stale side it will turn out okay. That’s never going to be a good idea; use good source tobacco for flavoring. 

Select a flavoring agent du jour: a small piece of fruit, a few drops of booze, maybe even a drop or two of vanilla or peach flavoring. Just use a good quality flavoring agent. 

Take a small portion of your pipe tobacco and put it in any airtight container, metal or plastic, although some older metal containers can leach out a bit of a metallic taste; so, you are better off using something made out of plastic. 

Don’t make the newby mistake of using a big batch of pipe tobacco; again, start small and only use a drop or two of flavoring agent. Shake the container vigorously so the flavoring agent is properly dispersed. 

Them let your homebrew pipe tobacco sit in the container for 12-24 hours in a sealed container. And, make sure it’s sitting on a shelf in an area that is not exposed to sunlight. Then, take the top off and let it sit out in the air for an hour or two. 

Next, take a couple of pinches of tobacco and drop it in your cigarette rolling machine and fire that cigarette up. If the taste is something that resonates then it’s time for the rinse and repeat process using a larger amount of rolling tobacco. Be sure you maintain the some proportionality of flavoring agent and tobacco as what you used in your 1.0 batch to ensure you get the same good tasting RYO tobacco flavor. 

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