Your Guide to Selecting the Best Cigar

Cigars are no longer just for the veteran cigar smoker – they have become an ever-present “go to accessory” for today’s smartphone drenched world. People (male and female) find a great cigar smoked after a great meal or in good company is something that should be treasured. “Life is good” is now much more than just hanging out in the family room with loved ones – it’s life on the go all over the world sharing great booze, food and company while smoking a cigar. 

How to Select a Great Cigar 

You have an infinite world of choices when selecting a good cigar – there are several thousand popular brands of cigars and you want to map your taste expectations and preferences to the cigar you are selecting. Here are things you should look for: 

The body of a cigar – for great taste you should select a cigar that’s strong enough to give you some real taste but not so strong at to overwhelm your taste buds. Take a hard look at the body of the cigar, it will give you a good sense of what to expect in taste.

Size is Related to the Body of the Cigar 

The most important aspect of size you should think about is how long is the cigar going to smoke? If you have 6-7 inch stick you are firing up on the golf course as you play a round of golf then this is the perfect size. But, if you are firing up a cigar after a nice meal with friends or family you will want a much shorter cigars, something in the 4-5 inch range should be fine. 

The other issue that relates to size of the cigar you are smoking other than the length is the ring of the cigar. This simply refers to a unit of measurement in 1/60th of an inch increments a 4.5 x 42 in cigar size means a four and a half inch cigar with a ring size of 42/60th of an inch in diameter. 

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The Modern Cigar Ratings System

This is a numerical system ranging from 0-100 that was pioneered and made popular by Cigar Aficionado Magazine. It’s a handy reference point for understanding the quality of a cigar and used universally by most of us in the industry. 

Practical No Nonsense things to Assess on Your Own

If you are in a physical store you have multiple practical ways to assess a cigar: smell the cigar, it should have a rich tasting tobacco smell, not musty, the texture of the cigar should be smooth, it should have no bumps or deformities in the body of the cigar, the tip should look uniform, the exterior wrapper should have a consistent color. Even if you are a neophyte let your senses be your guide when/as you think about buying a cigar. 

Ten Great Premium Cigars

Bering Cigars are handmade in Danli and Confradi, Honduras, using an assortment of tobaccos with fillers from Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. This is a mild to medium tasting brand of cigars, with some differences in their brands; but overall, again a mild tasting cigar that’s not too strong. A great cigar for any new or neophyte smoker. 

Bances Cigars are a mild to medium cigar, affordable but still good quality. If you want to smoke a premium cigar but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a box of cigars this is your brand! You are getting a cigar made with a nice blend of imported tobaccos that draws well, burns evenly and delivers a good taste that’s not too strong Another great smoke rof

Bances cigars were made in Cuba but are now manufactured in the Dominican Republic and made by the same people who make the Macanudo brand of cigars. We carry the Bances Maduro, Natural, Palmas It’s a Boy and Palmas It’s a Girl cigars. We love this brand and smoke em hanging out in the office.

Bolivar Cigars are named after Simon Bolivar, the great Venezuelan General and President who single handedly changed the course of the country, moving it from hundreds of years of nepotism to a democratic government. This brand of cigars has rich tradition in producing strong (but not great tasting) cigars for the smoker who wants a rich smoking experience.

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This is a robust strong tasting cigar that’s not for the novice cigar smoker.You know you are smoking a great stick when you fire up a Bolivar Cigar! These cigars contain a Havano Medio Tiempo binder rolled in a San Agustín ligero wrapper, using source tobacco from Nicarauga, delivering a rich full bodied cigar taste.

Arturo Fuente Cigars are a high quality Dominican cigar started by Carlos Fuente, Sr who was so committed to making a great cigar he mortgaged his home to get Arturo Fuente Cigars off the ground and into production. 

Source tobacco comes from the Dominican Republic, rolled with African Cameroon, Ecuadorian sun grown or Connecticut wrappers.These hand made consistent award winning beauties are always on sale at Windy City Cigars and we carry the entire line of premium cigars. 

Brioso Cigars are an affordable high end luxury cigar, aged to perfection and handcrafted based on exacting standards. Brioso cigars are made by blending Dominican seco and ligero tobaccos that are further refined by blending these with Nicaraugan and Mexico tobacco.

Brisco Cigars use a smooth tasting Connecticut Habano binder that gives you a great draw and burn every time. These are a great tasting, flavorful, medium bodied cigar that’s on par with much more expensive cigar – you are getting great value with Brioso Cigars! 

Cafe Creme Cigars are a Dutch cigar that’s been made since 1883, made with a very high quality dry-cured mild tobacco coupled with a homogenized binder and Java wrapper. Every Cafe Creme Cigar has smooth creamy taste, providing a unique taste that’s going to please you every time you fire up one of these sticks. 

CAO Cigars are made by the Ozgener family – these hand made beauties are consistently highly rated by cigar smokers and reviewers alike. They range in taste from medium to full bodied cigars and we carry all popular blends of CAO Cigar brands here at Windy City Cigars and like all of our products, they are always on sale and in stock. 

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