Your Living the Pipe Tobacco Lifestyle: You Need these Two Products for Summer Thrills

We are always on the lookout for trends impacting clients who are smoking premium cigars or embracing the pipe tobacco lifestyle with gusto. These two products below are over the top. #YOLO

You want to live life on the edge like “Leo” your going to need a champagne gun to really make that next backyard barbecue memorable. Get your magnum of champagne (cheap stuff may save you cash right?) and get ready to shoot the bubbly 25 feet in the air. 

The only $459 champagne gun is not de rigneur in Miami nightclubs and it comes in chrome, gold and even rose gold for those of you who need to impress the crowd. BTW, it sprays a magnum for only a short 45 seconds so make sure you tell the crowd to whip their iPhones out early in the process and we hope they are all in a waterproof case or your Instagram feed is not going to rock. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

If you like Cuban Premium Cigars get ready for a price lift. As of this time, any consumer (now that the embargo is in the rear view mirror) can now legally bring back a box of Cubans with a value of $100. That’s right, you no longer need to fear the hard gaze of the custom’s inspector as you clear customs. You’re good to go with Cubans; things you should know 

  • A hundred bucks is probably not going to work for most of you when buying Cubans locally; you can expect to pay about $250 on average for a good box of Cuban Cigars. 
  • Many think prices will drop; we do not, as demand rises expect prices to follow suit. 
  • But, sorry to say, but the mystique of the “wonderful” somewhat elicit “check out my Cuban” phrase may drop from the lexicon as Cubans become widely available. Popularity always shifts opinions and lifestyles.
  • Dare we suggest a high quality Alec Bradley Black Market Cigars (tiny plug) as an alternative; these babies are packed with Jamastran, Panamanian and Honduran long fillers complemented with a cap of Sumatra binder and a Nicaraguan wrapper.

While you are out there in the backyard entertaining; or on the deck, at the beach, wherever….. Go very long and make major style points with a Kalamazoo Grill and the top end of the line will only set you back $17K bucks. 

But You’ll be on the short list of every neighborhood party committee and/or community activity just so folks can gander at this baby, let alone chow down on ribs you have cooked. Major bling points include the latter 

  • Smoke those ribs with a hybrid grilling system that lets you burn charcoal, coal, propane gas, wood and probably any material that fires up the imagination. 
  • These grills come equipped with heavy duty motorized rotisseries. And everything about these grills is heavy duty including dual infrared burners.
  • Your getting a product with real craftsmanship. Every single grill is signed by the team of people who built it. 
  • Each of these grills weighs in a 500 pounds, so the backyard may be the only spot for placement.
  • If you are on a budget you can get an economical (less burners) version for just over $10K. 
  • Each of the three burners is again built like a tank, six inches across made from heavy gauge steel, providing a staggering 75,000 BTU’s of heat. This is not your folks Weber, this grill is ready for anything you can throw at or on it.
  • Note: the fine folks at Kalamazoo Grill also make an awesome gas fired pizza oven that gets up to 800 degrees. 

So if you are firing up a blend of Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco and hanging out with friends and family in the backyard this summer these two products are guaranteed to make sure your party will be the main event of the summer. But, both are going to do some major damage to your entertainment budget.