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This cigar is a well-known brand that offers anyone quality. The cigars are full panatela sizes wrapped in a natural leaf wrapper and are an excellent choice for people who love light-tasting cigars. The aroma is mild so that it i9s ideal for anyone who likes a light-tasting cigar.

Smokers who prefer smoking in places where other people need to ensure that nonsmokers do not feel the strong smell of the cigar. The AYC Grenadiers is mild, and you can smoke without the pungent aroma associated with smoking.

AYC also produces wise guys' cigars which are flavored for people who like flavor in their cigars. You can get one of the flavors if you do not want the standard Grenadier cigar. The quality of these cigars is high, and they have been produced with different wrappers with tobacco also included making it easy for those who like the milder and more robust flavor in a cigar.

This cigar has been made to fit the needs of every cigar smoker, and experienced artisans operate the machines to produce the cigars. This ensures that every cigar that comes from the factory is of high quality, and they are consistent to ensure you get the exact construction and quality every time. Unlike many other machines, the machines used in this production do not allow any impurities in the other components so that the cigars are pure.

The tobacco used to make the cigars is grown from Cuban seeds, and this company has worked on every detail so that they can deliver cigars of great taste, aroma, and quality. You can smoke easily in places where other people are also available, like parties and gatherings, without disturbing other people or making them feel uncomfortable. The smell is mild, and there are different aromas.