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Featuring outstanding construction, these cigars are consistent and are wrapped carefully to ensure the flavor's balance. Handmade by three select rollers, the cigars are medium to full-bodied with binders and fillers. You will delight in the smooth and creamy flavors from start to finish because they have been well balanced.

Each cigar has been wrapped in tissue to keep its flavor while maintaining its freshness all through. The blonde-looking wrapper is flawless and has been presented inbox press ideally. Care has been taken to ensure that you get all the complex flavors, and you can feel the hint of apple, cinnamon, and apricots in your choice of the cigar.

To prevent aging, the tissue has been used to carefully wrap the cigars and ensure that they are not affected by humidity. You can therefore travel and also keep them for a long time without them losing flavor or strength. The cedar boxes also help slow down the aging and keep the cigar looking and feeling the same no matter when you choose to use them.

New cigars have also been formulated for the TAA members, and there is a blend for everyone. You can choose between different strengths because there is a mild, medium, and strong combination to suit everyone's taste.

Although made with natural ingredients, the looks of these cigars are still modern enough so that it is easy for them to adapt to any theme you are going for. A seal adorns the box, and they are flawless to make them stunning so that you can be proud gifting or keeping them in your office or anywhere you would like.

When you light the cigar, the pepper fades fast so that you can get a more dominant bread-like note. It has a short finish, and it has a buttery richness that with a 90 minute smoking time, so you do not need to relight it.