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This is a handmade cigar that features premium Cuban seed long filler. It has a delicate aroma and is milder than the average Honduran, making it more value for money and a more refined taste. With this cigar, you will have a rejuvenating experience because of the smooth taste brought about by the unique blend. 

Made with quality tobacco, this premium cigar contains the right amount of nicotine and has been handcrafted carefully so that you can get smooth-burning smoke when you are smoking. The tobacco use leaves are thin and dark and have just the right amount of moisture to guarantee a fine finish. 

The taste of these cigars is long-lasting, and they have been designed for comfort, making them ideal for some quality alone time or even enjoying with friends. They come as a pack of 25 handcrafted cigars with a unique taste and burn evenly from the first taste to the last. This way, you will get a fine smoking experience whether you are alone or with loved ones. 

The expertise used in making these cigars ensure that they are not too tight or too loose so that they are just right. They will burn for longer because of a better elasticity, and they are authentic because of the handcrafting, which also ensures high quality. 

The unique taste of the Flor Del Caribe cigar makes it provide the smoker with a fine smoking experience while also ensuring that they feel rejuvenated because of the delightful flavor. An original stamp shows the authenticity of the cigars, and they are medium-bodied to give the smoker a more comfortable hold. 

A vintage box helps keep these cigars fresh so that you can store them for a long time, and the colors are vibrant to make them ideal for gifting. You can introduce a friend or a loved one to the most satisfying smoking experience with the cigars.