Cigar All Stars – Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus smoking a cigar

You may not associate sports and athletes with cigars, but there are several top coaches and athletes who love to fire up a stogie. Some do it to celebrate a championship, when breaking a record, or to simply relax during the off-season. For this group we deem them Cigar All-Stars.


Dick Butkus middle linebacker extraordinaire for the Monsters of the Midway aka the Chicago Bears. Butkus was one mean SOB and when he tackled you he usually laid you out. He had some bone-crunching hits in his lustrous career with Da Bears and his college team the Fighting Illini.

Today he tackles premium cigars and lets face it who would tell him to put out his cigar. His favorite cigar is the CAO Brazilias, which is appropriate as it has rugged, leathery features just like the player himself.

Butkus was introduced to CAO cigars during a stopover in Nashville, Tennessee which is where CAO headquarters is located. His son Matt and CAO VP Tim Ozgener were fraternity brothers at the University of Southern California. After a tour of the company?s facility, Dick sat down with the CAO?s owner Cano Ozgener. The two puffed on cigars and talked the day away and ever since Butkus has smoked exclusively on the CAO Brazilia cigar, sometimes up to 3 to 4 cigars per day. The only problem now is just don’t ask him to put one out.

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