3 Top Blunt Wraps Dutch Masters Cigars, Swisher Sweets, Acid Cigarillos

Do you like rolling blunts? Have you wondered which blunt wraps are better than others? We have tested several, and although subjective, we came up with 3 top blunt wraps for your consideration.

Swisher Sweets

Three essential qualities stand out with the Swisher Sweets cigarillos. 

(1) They burn very even, and it’s a consistent burn from start to finish. 

(2) They are always fresh, and rarely do you find a stale one. 

(3) They are readily available, where you can purchase at just about every gas station in the United States.

Acid Cigarillos

Here’s another top blunt wrap that is also from Swisher Sweets. Acid cigarillos are fantastic for rolling blunts as they are made from the natural leaf. They are slightly more difficult to roll than the Swisher Sweets, as they don’t stick together the same, but you also can taste the cannabis more when using these blunt wraps.

Dutch Masters

Now before you stop reading, take a fresh look at the Dutch Masters Cigars brand. This cigarillo has a unique way of letting more air in through the tip, so it has a nice draw, and when you exhale, you can see very quickly that it hits well.

So the next time you want to roll a blunt, check out these three brands and try it for yourself.