7 Frequently Asked Questions by Cigar Newbies

Many new cigar smokers ponder over some questions on cigars. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions by cigar newbies who have visited The Cigar Shop:

1. Because of the humidity during summers, cigars stored in the humidor have become over humidified. So how can one save cigars that have become soggy

This problem is faced by many cigar smokers who reside in hot and humid places, and you will have to adjust the humidor to keep your cigars fresh whenever there is a rise in the temperature. The solution to de-humidify cigars is just adding some cedar strips in the humidor to soak up the surplus moisture. You have to monitor the humidity levels and regulate the cedar strips so that ideal humidity is attained.

2. What to do if bugs infect your humidor?

Bugs or beetles cause a big problem. They are challenging to get rid of and very rapidly can spoil all your cigars by making holes in the cigars. The larvae of beetles grow in tobacco, and some of these persist in the process of cigar production and get into the completed cigar. And as soon as they are in the humidor, they emerge manifold. However, there is a solution to this. To eliminate the larvae, you should freeze your cigars for about three days and transfer it to the fridge for one more day. Next, you can gradually re-humidify them. Moreover, inside the humidifier, you should place a beetle trap to prevent future invasions.

3. What are the differences between a wedge cutter and a guillotine cutter, and which one is better?

A wedge cutter has been in existence for a longer time and was designed for cutting thinner cigars. If you cut a thick cigar with a wedge cutter’s help, then tars will mount up when you smoke the cigar. Furthermore, a wedge cutter will more possibly impair a cigar and this why cigar smokers would instead use a guillotine cutter.

4. How can you impeccably age your cigars?

Age the cigars at a marginally lesser level than the standard humidity levels and temperature. After this, aged cigars can move in a humidor.

5. What to do if you are unaccustomed to smoking cigars and have just purchased cigars, for instance, the Davidoff Cigars and the initial ones tasted terrific, but afterward, the others dried out?

In this case, you have to get a humidor. You ought to have acquired one the moment you got your cigars. Buy a humidor immediately before you buy any more cigars and find out how to use it. This is the only method to maintain the freshness of fine cigars like the CAO Cigars.

6. How far should a cigar be smoked?

It would be best if you smoked a cigar until you enjoy it. When you start smoking it, it tastes incredible and the taste changes as it goes down because it becomes stronger and hotter when the tar and the moisture collect. Therefore, continue smoking till so long as you get pleasure from it and then extinguish it.

7. Is it acceptable if you put the cigar back in a humidor after smoking it half only?

The answer is no. This will damage the cigars that have not been smoked and also the humidor.