Arnold Schwarzenegger – A Cigar Aficionado

Arnold and Cigars

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bold personality who is known as one of the best fitness icons of all time. He has also starred in several super hit movies. The terminator has also worked as a governor of California. Apart from his distinctive achievements, there’s one thing he is known to always have in his personality.

As a smoking aficionado, Arnold always seems to hold a cigar in his hand. Furthermore, he loves to talk about it, and this shows his strongly developed taste. With a dominating body frame, sleek style, and cigar, he looks like a finely aged wine.

This might bring out the curiosity to learn how did such a personality start loving cigars? Let’s take a deeper look into how it all began.

Cigar Smoker Of The Year – 2014

A cigar is a statement of class with a unique appeal. Throughout history, many personalities acquired taste for a cigar to stand out. Many of them didn’t know the stuff they smoked. So it brings out the question if Arnold knows his cigars. Is he just using it like a prop we see in the movies, or is there something deeper?

Truth be told, Arnold is a refined cigar lover with vast knowledge regarding the subject. You can talk to him about different brands and blends. He even has favorite brands and the types he would try occasionally. In fact, his passion for cigars has made it to be one of the best topics if you want to get to know him. This led him to get awarded with ‘Cigar Smoker Of The Year’ in November 2014.

When Did Arnold Begin Smoking Cigars?

During his time as a fitness icon, Arnold would often get cigars offered by other attendees or competitors. He wasn’t an avid smoker, but he didn’t mind the activity. However, his interest peaked in 1977. His father in law introduced him to the world of the cigar. That’s right. It was when he met his wife, Maria, as a guest in the family house of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. That’s where he was introduced to the world of cigars properly.

Often, Arnold would nudge that his wife doesn’t complain about his smoking habit. She can’t complain because it’s her father who introduced him to the world of cigars. Since then, the actor has sampled different brands to discover his favorite cigars. 

What Are Arnold’s Favorite Cigars?

People have been curious to learn about Arnold’s favorite cigar brands for a long time. However, his in-depth knowledge about brands and various blends led people to believe that he is a man with diverse tastes. The mystery was solved when he appeared on ‘The Tonight Show WIth Jimmy Fallon.’ There, he told the viewers that his favorite cigars are Haunt in the city, The Havana Room. 

Thus, we learned that he is a man with an exquisite palate for cigars that is unmatched by anyone else, simply pretending to like cigars.

What Are The Cigars Arnold Smokes?

As we already know, his favorite cigars are Haunt In The City, The Havana Room. However, that’s far from what kind of cigars he smokes. So let’s shed some light on that.

Arnold is very receptive to cigars as you can get him to try any cigars you like. However, his favorite ones are punch cigars. It would seem that over the years, he has tried different brands, and there isn’t a cigar in the world he hasn’t tried. Not only does he know different types of cigars, blends, and such, but also the stories behind each brand and the history of cigars. You can ask him about a cigar, and he will describe the flavor profile accurately, even without trying. That’s the level of expertise he possesses.

Is Arnold Quitting Cigars Anytime Soon?

The cigar is a prominent part of Arnold’s life. Even Sylvester Stallone, his best friend, has stated that it is almost impossible for Arnold to quit smoking. The cigar has become a lavish hobby, and to quit, it means destroying a part of his life and personality. We can see that it’s almost impossible for photographers to catch him without a cigar at this point. He always carries a cigar in his person. Thereby, Cigars and Arnold go hand in hand.